What’s Up with Lenox Wines

Someone recently inquired via Twitter or Facebook what’s up with Lenox Wines. Since we are often in the area, we kept a close eye on the four-year-old store which has been closed for quite a few weeks now. While passing the store on Friday, I noticed a sign in the window. Apparently, the owners are […]

La Perle Noire is Now Island Salad II

We just received some exciting (yet sad) news.  First the bad news: My favorite cafe, La Perle Noire, is closed for good. The good news is that it is reopening as Island Salad II. Johnny, the owner of La Perle Noire, confirmed the closing saying that he has been so busy with his work in […]

Boutique shoe store closed and owner charged with assault

Rashidah Ali has closed the Harlem branch of her shoe store, Bourgeoisie Shoes, after being charged with felony assault back in January. Originally thought to have “clawed” the face of a bouncer in a SoHo club where she and friends were celebrating in the VIP section, the bouncer is now claiming that Ali used a razor […]

Uptown’s Dirty Little Secrets Exposed

This week we’ve posted about two Harlem restaurants with a history of health code violations that have recently closed. Last week amNY posted an article that zip code 10026 in Morningside Heights/West Harlem has the highest percentage of violations in the city. Ten of the 50 restaurants in that ZIP code inspected by the health […]

Trattoria Amici Shuttered for Good

This post has been sitting in our files for a while. We actually tweeted about it back in December.  Trattoria Amici seems to be closed for good this time. If you remember, this troubled eatery has never been a favorite of uptowners. It first opened as Pizza Party Buffet back in 2008, then a year […]

What’s Up, Doc’s?

Docs, originally uploaded by Uptownflavor Photos. After less than two years in business, Doc’s has gone of out business and Jay’s on Seventh has taken over. If you remember, Doc’s was the scaled down version of Amy Ruth’s, owned by famed chef Carl Redding. You can read more about Doc’s in our past posts: http://uptownflavor.com/2009/02/08/docs-hopes-to-cure-the-economic-recession-with-soul-food/

What’s happening on the Harlem food scene?

First the good news, Tea and Things of that Kind has opened!  I’m not sure how long they have been open and they are a bit inconspicuous, but they are indeed open for business.  You can visit them at 137th and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. Heading west one avenue over, Charles’ Country Pan Fried has scaled […]

Dancy Auto Closed?

The other night while walking up Lenox I noticed that Dancy Auto had no cars on the showroom floor. With the exception of art and furniture the location appeared to be abandoned. I sent a Tweet out asking what was up and received no response from Twitterville.  While the website is still live and the location […]

Shuttered: Samba Bakery

All of last week while I was in East Harlem I noticed that Samba was gated. Today word came our way that Samba is closed for good. Their website is also down. We are always sad to hear about Harlem businesses closing, especially when they were one of the good guys. Support your Harlem businesses […]

Local Eats: Under Renovation

It has been brought to our attention that yet another business is “under renovation.”  Last week we reported that Cafe Bon Jour on St. Nicholas was dark with a closed for renovations sign in the window, yet there didn’t appear to be physical signs of construction going on inside of the tiny cafe. The other evening […]

Fading Businesses in ‘New’ Harlem

Harlem blogger Nicole Moore from UptownLife.Net talks about different black-owned businesses (new and old) that have closed their doors or are rumored to be closing soon: “Last week as I walked around the hood I started noticing something a tad bit disturbing– the closing of many new businesses. In spite of Harlem’s much hyped real […]

Vanishing Harlem

Photo credit: jeremoss via flickr.com Jeremiah of Vanishing New York deconstructs the deconstruction of Harlem on his blog. He visited the strip of businesses that were being pushed out on Frederick Douglass Boulevard, near 125th Street. Some of these businesses had been in the neighborhood for two decades, and included House of Seafood, Manna’s, Bobby’s […]

EZ’s Trying to Ease Out of Business

We’ve written about EZ’s Woodshed several times here on U.F. That’s why we were saddened to learn that Gordon Polatnick, the owner of the club had fallen on hard times. Polatnick has resorted to hosting rent parties in order to keep the club’s doors open. NY1 recently aired a piece about Gordon’s situation and hopefully […]

Remember ‘La Marqueta’?

Some years ago UF reported on the stalled efforts to jump start the East Harlem market. Yesterday the New York Times released an article about its history and the latest in failed attempts to revive this market which once bustled with hundreds of people who wanted to stock up on the foods they once enjoyed in their home countries. […]

Manna Digs In

Remember the controversy surrounding the Record Shack and neighboring businesses being evicted last year?  Well, despite having several other locations all over Harlem, Manna is refusing to give up their prime location on 125th Street.  See below for details: Getting rid of evicted Harlem soul-food restaurant Manna’s has proven harder than getting baked macaroni from […]