It’s Official – M&G Diner Closed

Writes a longtime employee of M&G: “I am sorry to say that now it is officially over the diner has been sold we left for vacation on June 29, 2008 we will not be back. We are very sorry about the inconvenience to the loyal customers who stuck by us over the years and to all newcomers, one timers, tourist, walk ins just everybody who has ever eaten there, all the young people who made M&G’s the late nite place to be back when we were 24hrs. WE WILL TRULY MISS YOU ALL”

M&G Diner
383 West 125th St. (near St. Nicholas Ave.)

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10 thoughts on “It’s Official – M&G Diner Closed

  1. Yes, the City has definitely messed up now! M & G’s was all that and the whole stock room full of chips…damn the bag! Wish I knew the Inspector(s) who played a part in this place historic place closing down because I’d personally pay him a visit to give him the Siskel & Ebert treatment: “two thumbs down and a boot in his ass!” When I formerly worked in entertainment, this was the main place so many of the recording artists & celebrities from around the country preferred to go at all hours of the day and late into the night for a great meal without being bothered by groupies & buffoons. Besides, Mr. G (Gadson) was a great dude and the girls who worked there were sweethearts! People should be outraged! One things for sure, I won’t be spending my money at one of the white or Jewish establishments the city often trys to steer us towards. If it isn’t Black-owned and operated, I guess I’ll be settling for taking the cooking classes I’ve longed to take so I can make a great meal during the late night hours at home.

  2. Oooh…Sahara…

    “People want to LIVE in Harlem, but they don’t want Harlem; they want a version of it based on the type of blackness they’re comfortable with.”

    That is SO on point!

    I actually loved the whole “down home” feel that places like M&G’s, “Copelands, & Wilson’s (remember them?) had to them….I live around the corner from M&G’s and I most certainly don’t want the tourist traffic that a Jamba Juice would most certainly bring.

    As for the last part of your comment:

    But folks in the long run, will support a diner longer than a caviar bar.”

    I guess that isn’t true either since the caviar bar is now closed too.

  3. Seeing this, my first reaction was…well those the neighborhood. M&G use be the corner spot.

    But I found a new spot ….just down the block from M&G …by the fire department…a place by the name Addis cafe sort of like a fusion of Ethiopian and American. I have been going there for the past few weeks hauling my macbook. Like their Free internet and great coffee. Like they say, when one door closes another opens.

  4. Damn! Harlem’s becoming weird. It’s a shame that folks think soul food’s gonna kill ’em. A Jamba Juice? People, get over the chain store longing! New York in general, and Harlem in particular, is about neighborhoods and small businesses. At this rate, the Uptown Juice Bar (their juices are much better), is gonna go too!

    People want to LIVE in Harlem, but they don’t want Harlem; they want a version of it based on the type of blackness they’re comfortable with. It would be wonderful to open another medium priced soul food diner in that spot, but I guess owning a diner isn’t glamourous. But folks in the long run, will support a diner longer than a caviar bar.

    I’ve been eating there since I was a kid. I had some good times at M & G; Mr. Gadson was cool. I’m sad.

  5. she is more than sticking through it…expanding last i heard, right? it will surely be her and the apollo, until the end of time!

    love her or hate her sums it up i guess!

  6. Honestly, Alice, I just think it is a sign of the times. Pan Pan never recovered from the fire, Copeland’s attributed his closing to a change in diet and gentrification and maybe M&G just couldn’t hold on either. I hate to see the Harlem we used to know slowly disappear. About the only one really sticking it through is Sylvia – love her or hate her.

  7. i wonder if this has to do with the health dept shut down? maybe they couldn’t recover after being closed down during that time.

    did they own the building? hopefully they left with something to show (money) for their faithful service to the ‘hood.

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