Boutique shoe store closed and owner charged with assault

Rashidah Ali has closed the Harlem branch of her shoe store, Bourgeoisie Shoes, after being charged with felony assault back in January.

Daily News

Originally thought to have “clawed” the face of a bouncer in a SoHo club where she and friends were celebrating in the VIP section, the bouncer is now claiming that Ali used a razor to slice his face open. He suffered a severed artery and nerve damage.  Ali is being sued for $10 million dollars as a result of the bouncer’s injuries.

closed shop

The Daily News reports that the Harlem shoe store was closed after Ali didn’t pay rent for 6 months. Ali opened a second store, B-Chic, in Atlanta last year. Recently, Ali made a name for herself on the reality TV shows Basketball Wives and The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

While the website for B-Chic Shoetique is not active, Bourgeoisie’s website is still live.

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