Trattoria Amici Shuttered for Good

This post has been sitting in our files for a while. We actually tweeted about it back in December.  Trattoria Amici seems to be closed for good this time. If you remember, this troubled eatery has never been a favorite of uptowners. It first opened as Pizza Party Buffet back in 2008, then a year later it relaunched as Trattoria Amici. A disappointed commenter wrote,

“I would give it 1 star out of 5. Sorry folks. First of all the interior retrofit was awful on the eyes. Secondly, my dish came luke-warm and was not very good at all. My companion was not enthusiastic with his dish either. For me when it comes to Italian food it is all about the sauce. Furthermore the “homemade sauce” on my lasagna was not flavorful at all. And if anyone has eaten really good Italian-American food or even good Italian food from traveling in Italy, they should be ashamed at themselves if they call the food at Trattoria Amici excellent. It was subpar at best.”

We later received a long email from another unhappy customer who had a nightmarish customer experience with Trattoria Amici. The long and short of it is that the ailing restaurant was a prime candidate for Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares having received 41 points in health code violations. Authentic Italian it was not, and clean it wasn’t even close.

Since the Italian eatery is now shuttered we are wondering how business is doing at their second business, Lenox Wines. We have personally had a number of unsatisfactory experiences there. It also tends to be a bit too empty considering they are the only wine store in the area. Anyone have the inside scoop?


2 thoughts on “Trattoria Amici Shuttered for Good

  1. The restaurant was enormous and was never popular, but I didn’t understand it. I only have praise for the pizza I had several times at Trattoria Amic and I like their wine store a lot too. The Chinese food “restaurant” a couple blocks further uptown on Lenox has been open for years… and if you want bad food and bad service, now you know where to go…

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