Shuttered: Renaissance Cigar Emporium


Renaissance Cigar Emporium - Closed

An UPTOWNflavor reader sent us an email letting us know that  it seems that the neighborhood cigar bar has gone the way of the caviar bar and other high-end luxury businesses that cropped up during Harlem’s ‘new renaissance’. The folks over at Manhattan (Harlem) Kids have a prediction list of who will be next. Read the email from our reader after the jump.

Just FYI, this cigar bar on Madison between 118 & 119 has got a marshall’s notice on the door saying that the landlord has possession of the property.  It has also been completely vacated.  I think it’s safe to say that they’re closed.  Maybe they’ll do something really crazy and wacky with the space like a moderately priced restaurant?  What a concept!  :-D

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10 thoughts on “Shuttered: Renaissance Cigar Emporium

  1. I’ve read MK from time to time, but was totally turned off by a post peronsally attacking a real estate agent. now i’m all for some public mocking of those who deserve on grounds they deserve, but several times during the post she made fun of his sexuality. it was really offensive and very ugly.

    i’m pretty sure i’ve never read the ny times doing something like that.

    i agree with D. Bell that it is often a good source of info and sometimes she lets the info just speak for itself, but i’ve had to stop reading it all together.

  2. Hmmm, welllll I’ll leave it to the readers to decide for themselves. We all know that our major daily papers have the same qualities! LOL

  3. Upon reading your response I see that I was really sloppy in making my point. Sorry! The point I was trying to make is that in my limited dealings with MK, I’ve found them to be underhanded and unreliable – two qualities you probably don’t want to have in a source.

  4. It should be noted that the person/people behind Manhattan Kids called bodegas “low end heroin-style corner delis”, published personal information on Sean Futterman in an apparent attempt to harass Mr. Futterman (they unpublished when called out on it, and subsequently republished with some personal information redacted and reframing the post with a “protect your privacy” spin added on), and have relentlessly decried the lack of gentrification in Harlem. The level of paranoia and censoring they exhibit might give you pause next time you think of linking to them.

    • Timmy:

      While it is true that I don’t always agree with the viewpoint of the author of MK (and there are readers who don’t always agree with our viewpoints over here) they do often provide useful information and post about the neighborhood regularly. I don’t always agree with The Times either, but they are also a vital resource and it would be hypocritical to censor their site simply because their outlook about Harlem is not in line with ours. Thanks for your insightful thoughts. We appreciate your support. 🙂

  5. Good catch on the observation that Tea Room, pharmacy and cigar bar are very close to each other. Tea Room and pharmacy are in the same building so they clearly have common ownership. Not sure about cigar bar.

    It’s just crazy man. You go down to the east village and you see all these excellent small restaurants that don’t charge a fortune and yet still flourish. I have to imagine that the rents there are not cheaper than Harlem. What gives?

  6. Thanks for the hat tip and link post.

    I hate to have had to write such a depressing article as the “Retail Deathwatch” and I know everyone is feeling anxious, worried, and depressed right now.

    This is a time to be grateful for food health, family, friends, and life itself.

    Economically, everyone is suffering now, but we should use this time to strengthen the Harlem community in ways that money can not: talk to your neighbors, volunteer in the community, help a person in need, clean the trash off the streets, call 311 with problems, take some canned goods to the food banks, go to church, pray, run in the parks.

  7. A moderately priced sit-down restaurant?! Those don’t exist in Harlem. We get fast food or expensive white table cloth French bistros. No in-between.

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