Now closed: Talay

talayLate last month, Talay decided to do a ‘do over’ and change their name and menu. The former Latin-Asian fusion hot spot switched to a Mexican menu and renamed the restaurant Pancho Gringo. You can read more about the change over at Greasy Guide’s blog.

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12 thoughts on “Now closed: Talay

  1. @Gwin…we had no idea about Body. Never frequented it. Not sure what can go in that space other than another restaurant or a mini shopping center like Chelsea where there are independent vendors (something like an indoor farmer’s market) selling cheeses, dried meats and fish, chocolates, crafts, etc. What else is still missing from Harlem?

  2. Shareef, actually someone said that the restaurant portion changed, but the club is still Talay. We have also seen more of an increase in new eateries in Harlem than closures believe it or not. You need to come take a look at Lenox and Eighth Avenue as well as the area under the Viaduct (over by Fairway).

  3. No mention of the fact that Body (on the same block) is completely gone, and has been for at least a month?

  4. “pancho gringo” = Frank/Francis the White American. Most all cultures have a slur, a negative word to describe a foreigner or outsider of the native culture, and in most cases the slurs refer specifically to White Foreigner. In Hawaii the slur to reference a White person is “Howley”, in Japan it’s “Gaijin”. I’ve never heard of Mexicans or Hawaiians refer to Blacks as Howleys or Gaijin, they generally stick to the universal slur of “N—er”. Have you seen the logo? Flirts right on track with the stereotypical image of a Mexican “Bandito” – exactly like “Frito-Lay” Corn chips and their racist “Frito-Bandito” marketing/advertising compaign. Well Frito-Lay stopped that racism long ago, and someone should tip of this restaurant that the racially stereotypical image/logo is played out in 2009, in Harlem.

  5. Actually the lounge is still Talay and the restaurant is “Pancho Gringo” (an offensive name, if there ever was one).

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