La Perle Noire is Now Island Salad II

We just received some exciting (yet sad) news.  First the bad news: My favorite cafe, La Perle Noire, is closed for good. The good news is that it is reopening as Island Salad II. Johnny, the owner of La Perle Noire, confirmed the closing saying that he has been so busy with his work in Haiti that he hasn’t been able to focus on the Harlem bakery and cafe. He has partnered with Milo of Island Salad and now there will be two locations of the popular salad shop. The cafe will be renovated and is expected to reopen as Island Salad II in the next couple of weeks. This coincides with the opening of a new fro-yo called Chill Berry (where the Original Soup Man store used to be.) It looks like Lenox Avenue is gearing up to have a cool and delicious summer ahead!