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Editor’s Note: Springing into Action 2012

Editor’s Note: Springing into Action 2012

I originally wrote this post back in 2009 and it still stands today. I’m behind. No ifs, and, or buts about it. I steal time to post what I can, but the reality is that my email box is full of ’starred’ items that I want to post to the site and there are countless … Continue reading

Write for Uptownflavor

Requirements: 1) Must be familiar with WordPress  – you know how to write, edit, and post text and photos. 2) Post weekly (you can schedule your posts in advance). If you are right for Uptownflavor send an email  to write4uptownflavor @ gmail dot com

Editor’s Note: There’s No Place Like…

There’s No Place Like…. by Melody Carlson I grew up spending Christmases at my grandparents’ quaint Victorian home, surrounded by lots of relatives, laughter and love and really good food. For a little girl growing up in a single parent home, harried working mother, no church family, and TV dinners, these extended family holidays spent … Continue reading

Editor’s Note: The Joy of Unexpected Circumstances

Editor’s Note: The Joy of Unexpected Circumstances

The Joy of Unexpected Circumstances by Lori Kasbeer The Christmas season is upon us again. Starbucks is selling their Christmas blend; stores are posting their holiday hours; and moms everywhere are making a list and checking it twice, planning for a special Christmas day. It has been our family’s tradition to spend Christmas with relatives.  … Continue reading

Editor’s Note: The First Christmas

Editor’s Note: The First Christmas

~~~ The First Christmas by Pat Ennis It was October of my eighteenth year of life when my Dad stepped into eternity. As a college freshman I not only had to deal with my own grief, I also was faced with the responsibility of helping my mother adjust to a new lifestyle. You see, when … Continue reading

Editor’s Note: Wear Joy

Editor’s Note: Wear Joy

~~~ Wear Joy by Rachel Hauck Thanksgiving day in central Florida broke warm and sunny under a blue sky. The thin fall breeze beckoned me. Taking my bike out, I rode the neighborhood feeling so grateful for all my blessings. Joy bubbled up in my spirit. I’d been feeling it for a day, these waves … Continue reading

Editor’s Note: Pearls of Patience

Editor’s Note: Pearls of Patience

~~~ Pearls of Patience by Margaret Mcsweeney As I write by the light of my Christmas tree on a late winter’s night, I reflect upon the poignancy and purpose of this season.  The tiny white lights look like strands of pearls draped gracefully (perhaps haphazardly is a more honest description) across the evergreen boughs.  Tomorrow … Continue reading

Editor’s Note: 12 Pearls of Christmas Series

Editor’s Note: 12 Pearls of Christmas Series

This holiday I am doing something a little different. Usually I will have a series of Favorite Things to share with readers during the 12 days that lead up to Christmas. We still might share a few things that you might be interested in, but this year we want to focus on the reason for … Continue reading

Five Years and Counting

February 2011 marked the 5th anniversary of Harlem’s premier blog, Please show your support for our site by making a small donation to Uptownflavor. Your donations help Uptownflavor maintain our domain, upgrade our equipment (computers, internet, and cameras) and support local events and businesses. Thanks for your readership! Be sure to like us on … Continue reading

Editor’s Notes: A time for giving thanks

What an amazing week in Harlem! The week started out with a Black Atlas and American Americans preview of Marcus Samuelsson‘s new restaurant, Red Rooster. Midweek, Chocolat had a private launch party. The week closed out with Bibi Salon having their official grand opening party! If there was ever any doubt about the future of … Continue reading

Editor’s Note: Sixty degree days in November

What a wonderful treat to have warm fall weather as we quickly approach the holiday season! Events this weekend ranged from ice skating, to shopping at one of the local farmer’s markets, to going to a concert at Harlem Stage. Sadly, those were all items on the agenda, which instead was comprised of errands, following … Continue reading

Editor’s Note: November Update

On a crisp autumnal afternoon, I have finally found the time and resolve to type a long overdue note to the dedicated readers of Uptownflavor. As many of you know, Uptownflavor has been an ongoing labor of love dedicated to the people of Harlem. Over the years, the site has taken many twists and turns. … Continue reading

We’re 4 years old!

Wow, it just hit me that Uptownflavor has been online for four years as of last month!  While it has been difficult to keep the momentum going, we are going to try to pull another year out of the hat. If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor to our site please send an … Continue reading

Editor’s Note: The Limited Edition

Dear Readers: You might have noticed that we have not been posting as much as usual. We are still looking for writers to help out on the site. We have been receiving wonderful tips, but have not had the (wo)man power to disseminate it to our loyal readers. We hope to be back to publishing … Continue reading

Favorite Things: The Only Regret Tee

One of my favorite things is my natural hair which has been virtually relaxer-free for about ten years now. One of my other favorite things is when I find a tee-shirt that affirms the beauty of living with “kinky, curly, coily” hair. Enter fly girl Andrea Pippins, who designed the I Love My Hair line. … Continue reading

Favorite Things: Butter by Keba Gift Set

Last year Uptownflavor readers were introduced to Butter by Keba, a unique blend of shea butter and aromatic oils that creates a delicious olfactory experience that you will not find in your local body shop. Based in floral scents and rich spices, Butter by Keba is perfect for keeping your skin smooth as silk during … Continue reading

Favorite Things: Kimberly Nichole

The Yellow Brick Journey is my favorite album of the year; And this is coming from someone who listens to a lot of music. After all, I’m opening a CD store, for cryin’ out loud. I have heard huge commercial releases like Jay’s The Blueprint 3, The Black Eyed Peas’ The E.N.D. and even Adam Lambert’s … Continue reading

Favorite Things: Soapology’s Soy Wax Candles

 Soapology is a little company based out of Brooklyn that offers wonderful bath and beauty products. They used to sell a walnut scrub that was as finely ground as sand on a island beach. My pick for this holiday is the soy wax candles that turns into a warm scented massage oil. Simply blow out … Continue reading

Favorite Things: Christmas in Your Arms

We are officially into the 12 days of Christmas and kicking off a new series called ‘Favorite Things’ is a newly released holiday song by former American Idol Ruben Studdard. I may have mentioned it in past years, but Christmas was my mother’s favorite holiday so we always went all out with the decorations, music, … Continue reading

Holly Days in Harlem

We are officially in the holiday season and our cup runneth over with fun and festive events taking place in Harlem! If your organization will be sponsoring an event in Harlem, please share the good news with our readers. Send the information in a web-ready format – all flyers must be formatted in jpg. If you … Continue reading

Summer Break

It’s that time of year again. Uptownflavor will be on vacation from Aug. 15th through Sept. 15th. If there is a major breaking news event that happens during our long overdue and well deserved break, we may have a special post up. If you would like to be a guest blogger during our break shoot … Continue reading

Summer Slowdown

Good Day Uptownflavor Readers: I know it has been a while since I have written a message to you, but life has a way of stealing time and energy from the best of us.   With that said, I must inform you that we are reducing our posting schedule a little earlier than usual this summer. … Continue reading

Note from the Editor: Happy Holy Days

Happy Holy Days: Many of you will be on vacation this week so I hope you use your time off to visit local businesses and landmarks that you normally don’t have the free time to enjoy.  We have recently featured newish businesses that include Mojo, Swing, Il Caffe Latte, Harlem Flo, Late Pass Books, and … Continue reading

Note from the Editor: Springing into Action

I’m behind. No ifs, and, or buts about it. I pretty much steal time to post what I can, but the reality is that my email box is full of ‘starred’ items that I want to post to the site and there are countless drafts sitting and waiting patiently to be given the green light … Continue reading

Editor’s Note: From Sinners to Saints

Hello Readers: Be sure to log onto UPTOWNflavor this week for a look at new businesses, old businesses, and a tribute to the saints. Please send your submissions, contributions and sponsorship requests to our email address located in the upper left sidebar. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: March Madness

Hi Readers: I have been getting some really juicy tips in the inbox this month!  Keep them coming.  I will doing a thorough update of blog and news links about Harlem and tips from the inbox over the weekend. If you sent information that hasn’t been posted yet, please be patient. Thanks for reading and … Continue reading

Editor’s Note: Tipping Point

I just wanted to make a little point about tipping – please send them to  You can also toss us a few dollars if you like what we are doing by clicking on the donate button located on the left side of the screen.   Thanks for reading – and tipping!

Editor’s Note

Dear Readers: In case you haven’t noticed I haven’t been around these parts much lately.  I am sitting in a coffee shop on a Saturday evening trying my best to post all of the wonderful tips you have been sending. I guess what I am saying is, please be patient with us. Our good friends … Continue reading