Favorite Things: Christmas in Your Arms

We are officially into the 12 days of Christmas and kicking off a new series called ‘Favorite Things’ is a newly released holiday song by former American Idol Ruben Studdard. I may have mentioned it in past years, but Christmas was my mother’s favorite holiday so we always went all out with the decorations, music, and food. While I am a huge fan of the old classics, occasionally I will hear something that catches my ear. Originally recorded by the band Alabama, Studdard adds a soulful twist that makes a country classic sound like new. “I really wanted to just put something out that everyone could just listen to and it would uplift people’s spirits,” he says.

You can purchase “Christmas in your arms” on iTunes or Rhapsody.


“Christmas In Your Arms” Windows Media stream:

“Christmas In Your Arms” Real Player stream: