Favorite Things: The Only Regret Tee

One of my favorite things is my natural hair which has been virtually relaxer-free for about ten years now. One of my other favorite things is when I find a tee-shirt that affirms the beauty of living with “kinky, curly, coily” hair.

Enter fly girl Andrea Pippins, who designed the I Love My Hair line. As soon as I saw the designs I immediately inquired, “When are the tees coming?” Heeding my call, Andrea has released the The Only Regret tee-shirt.

I have been a fan of Andrea’s blog, Fly, for years and I have been featured as one of her Fly Girls of the Week (FGOTW); Uptownflavor is also listed on her very exclusive list of Fly Sites. Andrea has impeccable taste and more creativity in her pinky finger than I have in my whole body. Check out the entire line on the I Love My Hair website, and be sure to visit Andrea’s gorgeous blog Fly.



One thought on “Favorite Things: The Only Regret Tee

  1. THANKS FOR POSTING THIS!!! I’m an avid blog reader and natural sister. I enjoy finding new blogs and new natural living resources!!! I will make Fly a regular read!!! Thanks so much!!!

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