Uberchic: Angie of E:Harlem

The other week I received a random email from Kennedy at AskaNewYorker. While I’d never heard of the site before, I was curious to see what they are all about. The site is basically an expanded version of what we do in our “What’s Up” section here on U.F. AskaNewYorker also features various New York “experts” (an oxymoron since all New Yorkers are experts) who freely share what they know about New York (as most New Yorkers are apt to do).

Last month, their uberchic New Yorker was none other than Angie Hancock of Experience: Harlem. Angie and I started our separate projects around the same time and we would often cross paths online. Her project has grown to become a wonderful marketing tool for Harlem businesses while U.F. has grown to become one of best daily sources of information about Harlem. You may also remember back in March, Angie sponsored an event at Tribal Spears that was attended by our own Hugo.

To learn more about Angie, check out her feature on AskaNewYork.com

To learn more about Experience: Harlem, check out her website.

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