Tribal Spears Gallery Hosts “Experience: Harlem”

HarlemThis week Angie Hancock, President of Experience:Harlem reached out to UF to extend a party invitation to the ever hip Tribal Spears Gallery on Tuesday night. I answered the call of duty and decided to attend.

Experience:Harlem was founded in 2006 to serve as a complete guide to all aspects of living and playing in Harlem. You may remember a glossy coupon booklet that came out last year with discounts to all types of restaurants, lounges, and even spas in Harlem. This year E:Harlem has created a full color guide-booklet to shopping, dining, art, and culture in Harlem. As Angie put it, she wanted to make it the “Zagat” guide for Harlem.

To kick off the new milestone, Angie hosted the event at Tribal Spears putting the spotlight on Harlem’s newest spots as well as its hidden jewels. The event was sponsored by Harlem Wing & Waffle, the Italian eatery Piatto d’Oro, Harlem Vintage, Sugar Hill Ale and Zoma. Each restaurant had a table with food and drink samples. There were plenty of waffles, beers, wine, and pasta to go around, which I can attest to as I helped myself to a little bit of everything.The event showcased a wide spectrum of some of the most elegant men and women I have ever seen under a single roof. The emotional environment that night was a mix of pride, joy, and excitement about how far Harlem has come and what the future has to offer. As Angie put it, “Everyone knows that you can get some of the best soul food in the world here in Harlem, but what some people might not know is that there is an an amazing Italian restaurant [Piatti d’oro] or a winery[Harlem Vintage] right here in Harlem.”

A native of Chicago, Angie expressed how excited she was to have a place in Harlem that served wings and waffles, a favorite combo of hers back home in the Windy City. She wants everyone in Harlem to know, new and old, that anything you can do downtown you could do right here in your own neighborhood. Aside from the great food, great music, and beautiful artwork on display it was a pleasure to meet some key figures at the event. Among them were Charles Walker, Director of Communication for the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Development Corporation and Gary Anthony Ramsey, President of the New York Association of Black Journalists (and former NY1 News Anchor). It was an entertaining night full of wonderful people supporting a wonderful effort. You can easily get a copy of the guide at Tribal Spears Gallery located at 2167 Frederick Douglas Blvd (bet. 116th & 117th) or call E:Harlem at 212-933-0964.

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