Harlem eats on the streets

By Margaret Johnson for Uptownflavor

Some of New York’s best food truck vendors have found a new parking spot.  Harlem Eats presents an uptown street food market on the corner of Frederick Douglass Blvd. between W. 117th and 118th Streets. Can’t decide where to brunch?  Keep your options open and enjoy an eclectic sampling of international cuisine from New England to the Caribbean. This outdoor food festival has something for everyone.  Foodies, vegetarians, and commitment-phobes alike can enjoy small bites or big plates in a casual, family-friendly, neighborhood setting that won’t stretch your wallet.

I had a watermelon jalapeno lemonade, some kale nachos, a vegetarian taco, and a platter from the Jerk Shack.  I thought it was all delicious, and I didn’t necessarily have any favorites although the kale stand I would deem as ‘a must try’ especially for those who are not health conscious or vegetarian because they were so good and offered so many flavor options that it would appeal to anyone.  I am not a vegetarian, however I did taste all veggie foods, because I feel it’s a little harder to make a strong flavor impression when meatless.  As far as the crowds, I did see a fair mix of people, generally a fair representation of today’s Harlem and definitely family friendly.  I was impressed by the variety of cultural food, and it was clear that the organizer meant for the event to appeal to those who enjoy delicious food.

So, if you haven’t yet made your way uptown to explore Manhattan’s reborn cultural destination, then this is the perfect way to fuel your walking tour.  Harlem Eats kicked off Saturday May 10th and continues through November 1st, every Saturday from 11-5. Experience fusion tacos, kale nachos, snacks, sandwiches, and gourmet lemonades.  It’s easy to get to on the B or C train to 116th st, or the 2/3 train to 116th and a short walk two blocks west.  Keep in mind that the vendors take cash only.

Location: Fredrick Douglas Blvd. between 117th & 118th Street
Transportation: B or C to 116th or 2/3 train to 116th (walk 2 blocks west)
Prices: Food and drinks are $1 – $10 Cash Only.

Caranval  “Brazilian Barbecue
Tipsy Scoop  “Artisan Ice Cream with a Cocktail Twist
Takumi TacoJapanese Inspired Mexican Tacos
Mr. Nice GuyClassic Sliders and Fries
Frittering Away “Specialty Lemonades in a Jar”
Jerk ShackCaribbean BBQ and Jerk Everything
Gorilla Grilled CheeseThe Finest Grilled Cheese, and So Much More
It’s KaleKale Snacks, Delicious and Healthy in One Bite”

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