Harlem Vintners

“Liberate wine from a glass!” says the company’s co-founder Matt Dollar.  Maenad – Wine in a Can, is a business venture by three men who saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between sophisticated wine enjoyment and adult beverage options at outdoor events.  The guys at Harlem Vintners want you to enjoy wine anywhere and everywhere

What started as a joke between friends became a real business idea when they found themselves mutually unemployed.  The prospect of providing an alternative adult beverage to  be enjoyed in casual settings such as picnics, sporting events, and music festivals, seemed like a largely untapped market niche.  Although they are not the first, they aim to be the best.

The wine is packaged in aluminum cans which are light and convenient for travel, using award winning Vinsafe technology known for preserving freshness and flavor without any aluminum interference in the taste.  The whimsical design of the can by artist Susan Burghart is a glimpse into the story of the Maenads, the female followers of Dionysus the god of wine and ectasy.  Working with wine broker Ciatti, Harlem Vintners currently offers two California whites, a Chenin Blanc and a White Zinfandel.

Matt was gracious enough to invite me to sample his product.  As a wine drinker these are two varietals I shy away from, yet I was pleasantly surprised!  They both proved to be well balanced, offering soft fruit notes without being overly sweet, and full flavored but not overbearing.  “We created a product that we enjoy drinking and offering to our friends,” says Matt, adding that “chuggability is a definite factor.”  Their goal is to unite, to bring back the sophisticated party but keep it light and approachable for everyone.  “Wine is not supposed to be in a can, wine is not supposed to be from Harlem, the dots in the can’s artistic design highlight : A : N : D for a reason, it’s not either or, it’s both and.”

Being of the community and giving back to the community are of  special importance to the team of Harlem Vintners who have a business goal to donate 10% of their profits.  I like to drink for a reason, don’t you?  For purchasing information you can visit this page, just in time for summertime festivities!  As always, please enjoy responsibly.