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Vivian Sessoms “on the sofa”

Fresh off her command performance singing background vocals for the living legend known as Cher, Vivian Sessoms will be the next artist taking a seat “on the sofa.” The second edition of joseph riley land‘s “on the sofa” series, sponsored by Pollen Nation Events & Floral and Billie’s Black, takes place this Wednesday [October 13].   … Continue reading

Rendezvous with Henry at The Shrine

Dear Harlem and Harlem Visitors: Remember a couple of weeks ago when I told you to go see Nakia Henry perform at Billie’s Black? A lot of you listened. Good job. For the rest of you… yeah, I’m talking to you… rectify the situation tonight by heading over to Shrine World Music Venue [2271 Adam … Continue reading

Goose Bumps & Naked Soul

Acoustic shows are hit or miss. Sometimes you get an artist whose voice reaches out, wrapping around the lyrics, caressing them slowly, delivering such a punch that you get goose bumps. Others make you wish you had stayed at home and watched Homeboys From Outer Space reruns on TV. Nakia Henry’s molasses-soaked vocals are the former. The … Continue reading

Angela Johnson on the sofa

Billie’s Black launches a new series this Wednesday (August 11) with the first “on the sofa with joseph riley land.” Yes, that would be me. Shameless, shameless plug. But, my job as a writer for UPTOWNflavor is to tell you about events going on in Harlem. And this, my friends, is an event. Co-sponsored by … Continue reading

Adina Nyree: Certified Organic

Recently this press release popped up in my Inbox and I knew I wanted to share it with you. Adina Nyree is one talented sista and you will not want to miss this event. Now, I recognize that I’m posting last-minute but there are two reasons for that: 1. I was on vacation in North … Continue reading

MiKA’s Summer Love

Harlem has produced many artists over the years. To be honest, it seems if you’re born and/or raised here you inevitably end up with some creativity in your blood. Born in Harlem Hospital and raised in the Sugar Hill section of Harlem, MiKA received a double, triple, quadruple dose of said creativity, with copious amounts … Continue reading

Hurricane YahZarah Hits Billie’s Black

As a part of their month-long 4th anniversary celebration, Billie’s Black will play host to YahZarah this Wednesday evening. The event, brought to Billie’s by ONUTSS (One Nation Under the Soul Shack), one of the city’s most popular promoters of independent soul music, will include a meet and greet, a listening session for YahZarah’s just-released … Continue reading

YBJ Reloaded – A Rage in Harlem

That puffy-haired tower of power is at it again. KimberlyNichole will be re-releasing her debut project, The Yellow Brick Journey – this time rechristened YBJ Reloaded – on Tuesday, June 15th. Pollen Nation (11 East 125th Street), the exclusive brick and mortar store carrying the project, will host a meet and greet/CD signing for her … Continue reading

Keke Wyatt Sings for her Supper

Billie’s Black brings us another one. After Friday night’s packed-house performance by indie soul veteran Dexter Myers, they are bringing the oft-underrated, yet always immediately recognizable vocal stylings of none other than Miss Keke Wyatt. The show, which takes place Thursday (May 27th) from 7 – midnight, starts out with R&B group Mo Betta Groove. … Continue reading

Dexter Myers @ Billie’s Black

Veteran indie artist Dexter Myers doesn’t do a lot of live shows. In fact, NYC usually only gets one per year from him. He’s doing his annual outing this time at Billie’s Black (271West 119th Street). The show, which is being billed as “Dexter Myers and Friends” is Friday (May 21st) night at 8 PM. … Continue reading

A Little Levine Love

I told you so. No, seriously, I told you so. Last Friday night Darnell Levine made the New York stop on his U.S. tour and when he took the stage at Billie’s Black, he promptly showed us why he’s gotten such national attention and why more of you should have been there. Levine is a … Continue reading

Levine Lands at Billie’s Black

Taking a page from the Independent Singer’s Handbook, critics’ favorite Darnell Levine continues his self-financed, 14-city national tour with a stop at Billie’s Black this Friday night (8-10PM). The Kentucky native is touring to promote his newest project, which he will be self-releasing this summer. Levine has made quite a name for himself and space … Continue reading