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Election Results: What to Watch for Tonight

I found this formula online about what to watch for tonight.  It sounds like the rules of a card game.  Hence, why they call politics a game. FOR MCCAIN TO WIN: The GOP nominee has to win Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio and Virginia to get to 270 electoral votes comfortably. He can lose Ohio but not … Continue reading

Harlem Rocks the Vote!

Photo by: forota/flickr My neighbors across the hall are first generation African immigrants.  A hard working, young family with two little ones trying to live the American Dream.  The little boy, who started school this year, is apparently already politically astute…I could hear him chanting, O-bam-a, O-bam-a, O-bam-a this morning! I was out of the … Continue reading

It’s Not Easy Being Green (Party People)

Is it safe to vote Green during this very crucial election?  Here are two arguments in favor of going Green this election year, especially if you live in an overwhelmingly Blue state. Racilicious Uptown Notes

Obama’s Grandmother Dies Day Before Election

We are sad to report that the ailing grandmother of Barack Obama, lovingly known as Toot, has passed away after a painful battle with cancer. The UF family sends condolences to the Obamas. -Source: CNN

Election Day Preparation Guide

Don’t wear any campaign gear to the polls. The polls are a “no campaigning” zone and someone could use your t-shirt or hat as an excuse to deny you your right to vote! Be prepared for a long wait, some precincts are expecting lines up to five hours long. Bring water, food, a book to … Continue reading

Terence Tolbert, gone but not forgotten

Chris of Harlem Fur sent me an email this morning sharing his thoughts about the loss of Terence Tolbert, a life long Harlemite who died of a fatal heart attack last night. Tolbert was the state director of Barack Obama’s Nevada campaign. Chris says: Few would argue that he worked himself to death on a … Continue reading

The Audacity To Hope in Harlem

Today’s am New York cover story is titled “Hope in Harlem.”  The story was a recycled version of the other pieces that we’ve been watching on CNN and reading in the New York Times.  To sum it up, folks in Harlem are excited about the prospect of a president that looks like the majority of … Continue reading

U.F. Exclusive: Election Day Watch Party Guide

It’s finally here! All the long hours watching CNN and CSPAN! The countless rewinding on your TIVO/DVR of the debates to look for the most subtle clues of invincibility or vulnerability in the candidates’ countenance. You’ve eaten up enough punditry to write your own political column for the New York Times. In what has been … Continue reading

Rangel’s Got Competition

I don’t profess to be an expert on Rangel’s long and rocky career as the Representative of Congressional District 15.  I do know that the recent findings about his personal life that are closely connected to his professional life are a bit – eh, questionable. I also know that the man is ballsy as hell … Continue reading

What’s All This On My Ballot!

It may be hard to notice by looking at all the CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News coverage but your ballot on November 4th will include some other decisions besides who the next President of the Unites States will be. With only 6 days ‘til election day we here at UF want to make sure you … Continue reading

Wanted: Charlie Rangel Poster

I’m sure everyone who lives or works in Harlem has seen the various political posters that have Barack Obama paired with other local Democrats.  If you are like most, the Rangel/Obama poster is the most irritating.  If you’ve been following the news, you know that Rangel was a huge Hillary supporter who only grungingly decided … Continue reading

Election Watch Night at The Shabazz Center

Dowoti Désir, Executive Director of The Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center (The Shabazz Center), announced today that the center will host an Election Night Watch. The Watch will provide an opportunity for the public to come together to witness the results of the 2008 presidential election. “Voting in the 2008 … Continue reading

Poll: Mike’s Third Term

If you haven’t been unplugged from the local news networks, you already know that Mayor Mike has been approved to run for a third term.  Today’s poll question is ‘will you be voting for Mayor Bloomberg in the next election?’

Mayor Accused of Forcing Support for Third Term

The New York Times has accused Mayor Bloomberg of using questionable tactics to run for a third term in office.  Critics charge the Mayor with allegedly greasing the palms of a number of nonprofits that receive donations from him.  While the original intention might have been honorable, now it is simply borders on “coercion,” according … Continue reading

The Last Great Debate

Tomorrow night is the last of the Presidential Debates.  Where will you be?  Add Moca to your list of spots to get your politicking game on. DJ Jon Quick will be spinning the wheels of steel before and after the debate at the weekly event, Sweettooth Wednesdays from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. Moca Lounge … Continue reading

Hooked on Debates

Last week I received an email (too late to respond in time) about where to watch the V.P. debate.  I actually didn’t have a complete list, although I did know that La Pregunta would be showing the debate. I assumed that the same places that showed the Obama/McCain debate would be showing the V.P. debate … Continue reading

East Harlem Voters back Bloomie 3rd Time Around

Scores of East Harlem residents who roundly rejected Mayor Bloomberg in the last election said yesterday they’re ready to back the billionaire in his third bid for office. “I think that I’ve seen major improvements in this community in the past couple of years in terms of safety and especially education,” said Tamara Davis, 36, … Continue reading

Say What? Republicans in Harlem

Some of you might be surprised that Democratic heavy Harlem has it’s own share of G.O.P.s.  Don’t blame it on the “newcomers,” you just might be surprised who the members are.  The HRC plans to come out and represent the “black elephants” at the Apollo tonight for the debate. While visiting the HipHopReplican I came … Continue reading

Presidential Debate @ Nectar

  Tomorrow night, Friday, September 26, 2008 is the first Presidential Debate between Senators Obama & McCain during this historic election season. Come to Nectar to watch and discuss this meaningful event as it unfolds while enjoying wine, cheese and charcuterie. Nectar will be donating a portion of the evening’s sales to the Obama/Biden campaign. … Continue reading

Presidential Debate Watch Parties in Harlem

The presidential debate will likely be on just about every TV in Harlem, but in case you decide you’d rather be in a public place to witness the slaughter, fight, mental beat-down, debate tonight, here is a list of places where you can cozy up with other uptowners that are also on the political tip. Who knows, you … Continue reading

President of the Dominican Republic @ Columbia

  His Excellency Leonel Fernández, President of the Dominican Republic to address Columbia University’s World Leaders Forum His Excellency Leonel Fernández, President of the Dominican Republic — in New York City for the 63rd General Assembly of the United Nations — will speak at Columbia University , Thursday, September 25 between 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 … Continue reading

Hot Topic: Sorry Charlie

The House Republican leadership is calling on Rep. Charles Rangel of Harlem to step down as chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee amid a series of investigations into his personal finances. The leadership released a letter this afternoon to Speaker Pelosi, urging her to “insist” that Mr. Rangel resign his post while … Continue reading

Harlem ♥ Obama

Last year I wrote about an entrepreneur I met through Mind, Body N Socials by the name of Michelle Cruz. Michelle had plans to open a cafe in East Harlem called the East Harlem Cafe. Over the past year, Michelle has been working diligently to get the cafe open despite issues with contractors and all … Continue reading

Renovations to the Marcus Garvey Bandshell

Those of you who have been taking advantage of the free concerts around the neighborhood have personally seen what a beautiful job the city did of renovating the bandshell at Jackie Robinson Park.  Now it is Marcus Garvey’s turn.  See the letter below about the announcement to be given by Mayor Bloomberg. Dear Friend, I … Continue reading

Dems Defend Rangel

House Dems Stop GOP Move to Censure Rangel Over Apt. Rentals [Fox] Ethics Probe of Rangel Takes New Turn [The Hill] House Defends GOP Censure of NY Rep Rangel [AP] House Tables Resolution to Censure Rangel [NYT]

Stanley Michels Dedication

You Are Cordially Invited To Join Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe and Council Member Robert Jackson At a Ceremony To Name the Promenade at the Heather Garden In Honor of Stan Michels In Recognition of His Years of Dedicated Public Service and Steadfast Support for Our Parks Thursday, July 24, 2008 4:00 p.m. Fort Tryon Park … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: David Paterson

Governor David Paterson had the following to say to the New York Times: I want to put to rest any questions that my neighbors and New Yorkers may have about my home at Lenox Terrace. My family and I have resided at Lenox Terrace for more than 20 years. Lenox Terrace has been, and always … Continue reading

Rangel Hands One Over

Rangel to Relinquish Apartment used as Office [NYT] Rangel to Give Up Rent Stabilized Office [NY1] Rangel Gives up one of his luxury dens [Michelle Malkin] Ha! I Beat You To It [NYDN] Rangel to Give up Low Rent Apartment [WNBC] Rangel Evicting Himself [NYP] Photo credit: Fred Conrad/NYT

Charlie’s No Angel

I held off on posting a dedicated post to the Charlie Rangel fiasco because I knew all sorts of new developments would be cropping up. It’s all over the web — from Harlem to D.C. — that good old’ Charlie is in hot water –again. Lenox Terrace, one of the predecessors to “luxury living” in … Continue reading

Mugabe’s Harlem Allies

Recently we posted about an emergency rally that was being held on July 3rd, to discuss the recent elections in Zimbabwe. Jane Taruvinga posted an article about it in the Zimbabwe Times. In my opinion, the article is actually more of a rant against the group sponsoring the rally (she felt she wasn’t allowed to … Continue reading