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Percy Sutton Funeral at Riverside Church

The memorial service for the late Percy Ellis Sutton, prominent civil rights, political and business pioneer, will take place at The Riverside Church on Wednesday, January 6, 2009 at Riverside Church. The event is open to the public. The Rev. Robert B. Coleman, chief program minister of The Riverside Church will lead the service, which will include the eulogy … Continue reading

Remember: Percy Sutton

Via AP and ACJ Percy Sutton, attorney to Malcolm X and a pioneering media mogul, has died in New York. He was 89. Marissa Shorenstein, a spokeswoman for Gov. David Paterson, confirmed Sutton’s death Saturday. The son of a slave, Sutton became a fixture in Harlem after moving to New York City following his military … Continue reading

The Hope Diamond of Harlem: Sugar Ray Robinson

The New York Times recently published a piece on Sugar Ray Robinson and his glory days in Harlem.  We thought it might be cool to look back over some Sugar Ray’s favorite places to hang out in Harlem. Here is an excerpt from The Times piece. Recognize any of the addresses? There he was, cruising … Continue reading

Roy DeCarava, 89; Celebrated N.Y. photographer

Photographer acclaimed for haunting Harlem images Roy DeCarava, 89, whose intimate, often melancholy black-and-white images of Harlem life made him one of the most respected photographers of his century, died Oct. 27 in New York. His family declined to provide the cause of death. Mr. DeCarava spent most of his career working near his birthplace … Continue reading

Front Stoop ‘Que

In Harlem, Dorothy Davis celebrates with a front-stoop cookout. Ms. Davis, 54, a full-time baby sitter with an encyclopedic knowledge of the comings and goings of her West 119th Street block, starts shopping weeks ahead for a communal feast. In a decade of yearly cookouts on the sidewalk in front of her building, Ms. Davis — … Continue reading

Meet Billy Mitchell aka Mr. Apollo

AGE: 59 JOB: Tour director, greeter and historian TIME ON THE JOB: 44 years There’ll be a huge cluster of stars out tomorrow when the Apollo Theater celebrates its 75th birthday with a night of music, comedy and heartfelt tributes. But though he’s never performed onstage, Billy Mitchell — the Apollo’s longtime historian, tour guide … Continue reading

Harlem Society: Tracey Knuckles and Christopher White

Tracey Jenell Knuckles and Christopher Leslie White were married Saturday at the Convent Avenue Baptist Church in Manhattan. The Rev. James B. Logan, the church’s executive minister, performed the ceremony. The bride, 36, is the general counsel for the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. She graduated from the University of Virginia and received her law degree from Tulane. She is a daughter of Lorraine … Continue reading

Op-Ed: Oh No We Can’t

Why The CAN DO Act Promotes Psychiatric Racism and Why It Must Be Stopped Since at least the days of physician Samuel A. Cartwright, who in 1851 claimed that slaves suffered from a mental disease called “drapetomania,” an uncontrollable urge to run away from their masters, Black people have been labeled as crazy for fighting … Continue reading

Picture the Homeless Protest

Homeless people and community allies took over a vacant building in El Barrio/East Harlem on Thursday morning. The target of the protest was a beautiful two-story building at the corner of Madison Avenue and 116th that has been vacant for decades. Upon seizing control of the property, the occupants determined that the building was structurally … Continue reading

From Bridesmaids to Prom Queens

Along with about 80 other girls from Harlem high schools, Nikkita McPherson, 18, sifted through racks of formal dresses on Saturday afternoon, looking for just the right one to wear to her senior prom. Enlarge This Image Source: The New York Times Nikkita McPherson found the ideal dress — “it’s long, it’s elegant” — in … Continue reading

Remembering Clifton Rolet Sutton

At the funeral Monday of Clifton Rolet Sutton, known as Chuck, speakers lined up to tell how his modest manner hid the powerful role he played in Harlem politics over the last three decades. That included, they said, helping to launch the political career of the current governor. Read the rest of the article [NYT]

Op-Ed: Men impacted by recession faster than women

By Contributing Writer: Tonya Conrad A HOT topic in this week’s News headlines is… “Men Losing Jobs at a Higher Rate Than Women in Recession”. I found this headline to be quite amusing. So I immediately asked myself … ‘yeah why do men account for 82 percent of the 4.78 million Americans unemployed?’ Here’s what … Continue reading

Praise the Lord and Green the Roof

Sister Claire Joy with her compost bucket. Among the convent’s environmental principles, she said, is “to make sure nothing goes to waste.” Read the whole story [NYT]

Excuse Me Doug E. Fresh

The New York Post has decided to put all of Doug E. Fresh‘s financial business out on the street.  According to an article in today’s paper, the legendary rapper is facing foreclosure on not one, nor two, but three homes in Harlem.  He is also facing several thousands of dollars in collections and tax liens.  … Continue reading

First Female Commands the 369th – Harlem Hell Fighters

Woman Takes Command of 369th “Harlem Hell Fighters” Col. Stephanie Dawson, the first female brigade commander in New York Army National Guard history, will take command of the 369th Sustainment Brigade, known as the Harlem Hellfighters, in a Change-of-Command Ceremony on Sunday, Nov. 16. at 2 p.m. at the Harlem Armory.  The Harlem Armory is … Continue reading

Harlem’s IS 195 Renamed in Honor of Terence Tolbert

Mayor Bloomberg announced at a packed funeral service held at IS 195 in Harlem that the school would now be known as the Terence D. Tolbert Education Complex in honor of the lobbying chief. Tolbert attended IS 195 before moving on to the Bronx High School of Science. Mr. Tolbert’s résumé listed over 20 campaigns … Continue reading

David Blaine Brings Magic to Rolling Benches

Photos courtesy of CITYarts. CITYarts, a non-profit public art organization in New York, had a ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday to celebrate the restoration of the 36-year-old mosaic benches around Grant’s Tomb in Morningside Heights (located at Riverside Drive and West 122nd Street). Magician David Blaine appeared to perform magic tricks for the kids.

Keeping ’em Honest in Harlem

And while we are on the topic of politics, yesterday’s election resulted in Representative Charlie Rangel making a triumphant return to his Congressional seat for a 20th term.  It doesn’t necessarily means that everyone in Harlem agrees that the past decisions he made were wise or honorable.  I know many of us, myself included, felt … Continue reading

Hope Grows in Harlem

These wonderful stories will probably be trickling through the Webosphere for weeks and months to come. I overheard a conversation one woman was having with a mother pushing her son in a stroller. The mother mentioned she told her son she would be voting for the first black president. His response was, “I want to … Continue reading

Obama’s Grandmother Dies Day Before Election

We are sad to report that the ailing grandmother of Barack Obama, lovingly known as Toot, has passed away after a painful battle with cancer. The UF family sends condolences to the Obamas. -Source: CNN

The Audacity To Hope in Harlem

Today’s am New York cover story is titled “Hope in Harlem.”  The story was a recycled version of the other pieces that we’ve been watching on CNN and reading in the New York Times.  To sum it up, folks in Harlem are excited about the prospect of a president that looks like the majority of … Continue reading

The World is Mine: Dawanna Williams

Dawanna Williams, 38, is the Founder and Principal of Dabar Development Properties.  She left a promising career in law to become a developer in what she defines as “signature neighborhoods.”  These neighborhoods include Harlem, Fort Greene, and Bushwick. While still working as a lawyer, she started buying up townhouses in her own Clinton Hill neighborhood, … Continue reading

Hale House Shuts Doors to Orphans

Hale House is no longer a home. Seven years after the fabled Harlem charity for abandoned babies was rocked by scandal, Hale House has shuttered its residential program and is focusing its efforts – and dwindling dollars – on more traditional community services. Gone is the orphanage for babies founded in 1969 by Mother Clara … Continue reading

African Day Parade 2008

The African Day Parade 2008 will be held in Harlem, NYC on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd from 127th Street to 116th Street on Sunday, August 24, 2008 from 12pm to 7pm The 2nd Annual African Day Parade and Street Festival will take place on Sunday, August 24 2008. It will be a unique opportunity … Continue reading

Carlin is Still Around

CNN reports that Harlemite, George Carlin, “Gets the Last Laugh on Death.”  His final album, “It’s Bad for Ya” was released today.  His daughter Kelly notes that it is a return to his playful goofiness.  But, in other ways Carlin is still around: …thanks to his daughter and brother, Patrick, who spent a weekend earlier … Continue reading

A Tribute to Dr. John Henrik Clarke

By Dolores Cox Harlem, N.Y. Published Jul 26, 2008 3:15 PM Dr. John Henrik Clarke This past July 13 the African Education at the Crossroads: 10th Annual Tribute to Dr. John Henrik Clarke program was presented before a packed auditorium at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. The program was sponsored by the … Continue reading

Harlem Lens

Over the past three decades, Alix Dejean, 63, has become an unofficial neighborhood photographer, chronicling the famous, the infamous and the anonymous of Harlem. Though he was born in Haiti and has lived in Brooklyn since 1965, Harlem is where he chooses to photograph. Read the full article in The New York Times

The Times Works in Mysterious Ways

Last week, Ruben was at his usual spot under the shade of a tree, between a stoop and a garbage bin, talking trash and beating anybody foolish enough to play him. This stretch of East 142nd Street is like a different dimension, where anything can and does happen. A skeletal man in a raincoat walks … Continue reading

Much Ado About Gentrification

On ‘Mixed Feelings’ When the NY Times article came out I really didn’t feel the need to pay it any more attention than quick scan. I personally thought it was a rehash of the last one. However, for some reason when our editor posted it up with some related articles and blog links it honestly … Continue reading