The Tempest storms through Harlem

This summer’s uptown iteration of Shakespeare in the Park brought The Tempest to the island of Hispaniola. I have attended the Classical Theatre of Harlem’s summer Shakespeare productions for the past three years and I hope to see next summer’s production. I have absolutely loved everything I have seen with the company thus far and […]

The Charlie Parker Jazz Festival 2014

“You can tell the history of jazz in four words: Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker” – the words of jazz great Miles Davis paying homage to the forefathers of a musical movement now celebrated around the world. Sixty years after his passing, Charlie “Bird” Parker is celebrated for his contribution to modern music through rhythmically and […]

What the H!

Harlem nights are lit up, thanks to a two year project that has come to fruition in the form of an illuminated giant “H” suspended from the Riverside Drive Viaduct at the corner of 125th street and 12th avenue.  The ‘H’ in Harlem is the largest public art installation in the History of Harlem, measured at […]

Who’s Culture is it Anyway?

A Review of the Potomac Theatre Project’s production of David Edgar’s Pentecost, Directed by Cheryl Farina David Edgar’s play, Pentecost is rarely produced because of its large and ethnically diverse casting requirements, the political and complicated nature of the subject matter, and because the play poses a question that most people find difficult to answer: what […]

‘The Women of Sugar Hill’

Experience a unique live music and art event being held at the Sugar Hill Building.  Running for three consecutive weekends, you still have time to catch this incredible collaboration on Saturday July 19th and July 26th, from 4-6 pm.  The Women of Sugar Hill will feature musical legend Ms. Marjorie Eliot, known in the uptown […]

Romeo N Juliet by The Classical Theater of Harlem

The Classical Theater of Harlem, (CTH), has their own version of Shakespeare in the Park.  This summer everyone’s favorite star crossed lovers take the stage at the Richard Rodger’s Amphitheater, in Marcus Garvey Park.  Romeo N Juliet, directed by Justin Emeka who edited and adapted the timeless tragedy to bring colorful characters of Harlem to […]

Moda 360: A Revolution of Fashion Fusion

Moda 360 premiers this Monday, June 30th and July 1st, for a two day event at The Carriage House Center for the Arts, located at 149 East 38th street.  Moda 360 is a collaboration of Bel Esprit and Fashions Finest, offering media, press, buyers, and fashion professionals the opportunity to discover independent and emerging designers […]

Ethnic Festival on May 17 is venue for Local Culture

This upcoming Saturday, Union Settlement, one of East Harlem’s oldest and largest social service agencies, will host its 22nd Annual Ethnic Festival on East 104th Street, between Second and Third Avenues from 11am to 5pm. The street will be filled with vendors, food from around the world, arts and crafts activities, a petting zoo, and […]

Jazzed! The Changing Beat of 125th Street

Harlem and jazz are intertwined with one another, the influence of the music created during the Harlem Renaissance is a lesson in American history.   To walk the wide, tree-shaded streets of Harlem is a unique experience.  Brownstones  stand strong and powerful, with the stories  of music, art, and culture as much a part of […]

Bryonn Bain’s Lyrics from Lockdown Incredible True Story of Being Wrongly Incarcerated

Bryonn Bain’s amazingly true story needs to be told. Wrongly accused of a crime he didn’t commit due to a frightening combination of mistaken identity and racism, Lyrics From Lockdown is a haunting and beautifully written tale of Bain’s incarceration and transformation into a leading prison activist. The performance at the National Black Theater this […]

Review: Children of a Future Age-Young Theater Artists Shine

The spirit of William Blake could very well be called the fourth character in this three-hander production of Knud Adams’ sophisticated Children of a Future Age. Doses of thick symbolic poetry are ladled into the story and blend seamlessly with the characters millennial speech patters, with poems emerging briefly like a whale peeking through ocean […]

TEDxHarlem Creates Waves in Harlem

After a controversial article appeared on website, DNAinfo accusing the TEDxHarlem Conference of being “elitist,” organizers quickly scrambled to move the venue from the Apollo Theater to Riverside Church and lowered the admission cost from $100 to $20 for general admission and $100 for VIP which includes a luncheon. Critics have charged the organizers with […]

Harriet Tubman Didn’t Take None

Harriet Tubman didn’t take no stuff Wasn’t scared of nothing neither Didn’t come in this world to be no slave And didn’t stay one either And didn’t stay one either -by Eloise Greenfield The Black Women’s Leadership Caucus commemorated the life and legacy of Harriet Ross Tubman, by laying a wreath at the feet of […]

Armory Week at The African Burial Ground

The West Harlem Art Fund teamed up with artist Scherezade Garcia to create a special digital installation in honor of the Omo Valley people of Southwest Ethiopia for Armory Arts Week 2012. The site of the projection was in Lower Manhattan at the African Burial Ground, National Monument. The Omo Valley people have lived in […]

Armory Week West Harlem Art Fund Wine Tasting at Lot 125

The West Harlem Art Fund hosted an evening of wine tasting at Lot 125 in Harlem for Armory Week. The wines tasted were Seven Sisters from South African and a variety of Argentinian wines. In attendance were local artists, including  Scherezade Garcia, sculptor and installation artist, that displayed her multimedia presentation at the African Burial […]

Outdoors: Harlem Art Park

East Harlem Art Park is located at the corner of East 120th Street and Sylvan Place. The peaceful park area is nestled between the Harlem Courthouse and Casabe Houses. One of the main attractions of the East Harlem Art Park is “Growth,” an engaging 15-foot-high red sculpture located in the center of the park. Artist […]

Peter Woytuk sculpture exhibit along Broadway.

Have you checked out the public exhibition of 18 sculpture compositions by Peter Woytuk on Broadway? The exhibit was organized by the Broadway Mall Association in conjunction with the Parks Department and The Morrison Gallery. It starts at Columbus Circle with the monumental “Elephant Pair,” located within the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District, which plants […]

3 Things you need to know about the inaugural Harlem Arts Festival

Harlem is going through another renaissance. Whether it’s prime real estate, good food or arts & culture that you’re looking for, you no longer have to leave the neighborhood to get it.  To celebrate this revitalization and to capture the energy and essence of what’s going on Uptown, a group of local residents have created […]

Torn Asunder: Works from the Migration Series

(New York, NY) – Born in Harlem to immigrant parents, artist Dionis Ortiz never thought of the different aspects of his identity as mutually exclusive. But to Americans, he was Dominican. To Dominicans, he was Americano. And in the midst of that, neither group was comfortable with his attraction to African and African-American culture. In his […]

Harlem Arts Festival

We are looking for performing and visual artists to present during a 2-day festival in June 2012 in Marcus Garvey Park. Special preference will be given to artists who are based in Harlem or artists whose word contributes to the artistic dialogue of the community.  Artists can apply by visiting our website where they will […]

Harlem Theatre Arts Festival Opens With Magic and Empowerment on Stage: Review of POOF by Lynn Nottage

The first Harlem Theatre Arts Festival honored philanthropist Dhonna Goodale with the “Champion of Change,” Award for her work on domestic violence at the presentation of Lynn Nottage’s play, “Poof.” Pictured above (L-R) Actors Kimberlyn Crawford and C.J. Williams; District Leader Theresa Freeman; Joan H. Allen, Founder of The Harlem Theatre Arts Festival; Honoree Dhonna […]

A walk through black history in Harlem

Harriet Tubman Location: Saint Nicholas Avenue, West 122nd Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard (Eighth Avenue) The  Harriet Tubman sculpture, designed by Alison Saar shows stylized portraits of “anonymous passengers” of the Underground Railroad in Tubman’s skirt, some of which were inspired by West African “passport masks.” Around the granite base of the monument are bronze […]

Crossing Lines exhibit at Heath Gallery

“CROSSING LINES” EXHIBIT OPENS AT HARLEM’S HEATH GALLERY FEB 4th-MAR 3rd Kai Heath has been following her father’s art career since she was a little girl, accompanying him to art exhibitions, assisting him in set up and break down of street displays, and serving as a gallery assistant in the early days of the opening […]

Happy Birthday Langston Hughes

Happy birthday to Langston Hughes, who was born February 2, 1902.  New York Public Library posted a photo of Hughes (far left) with Charles S. Johnson, E. Franklin Frazier, Rudolph Fisher and Hubert T. Delaney, on the roof of 580 St. Nicholas Avenue, Harlem, on the occasion of a party in Hughes’ honor, 1924. The Schomburg Center […]

Lynn Lieberman originals featured at Swing Concept

Perhaps you have seen Lynn Lieberman’s wonderful watercolors featuring local Harlem establishments at the Studio Museum, Harlem Flo, The Winery, or on Most recently, Swing Concept Shop has turned its walls over to local artists, where 2 originals painted by Lieberman sit near the cash register. The artwork will change every quarter beginning in […]

Classical Theatre of Harlem and Hip Hop Theatre Festival present SEED, a Love Letter to Harlem

If you see one show this season, go see SEED. If you are a Harlem resident, you have absolutely no excuse not to see it. The show is playing at the National Black Theatre on 126th and 5th Ave right across the street from Applebees. This new play by Radha Blank is produced by the […]

Tape Revival: At What Point is it Rape?

The first question that came into my head after watching Knife Edge Production’s remount of Stephen Belber’s Tape, was “Why this play? Why now?” Even as the query formed in my mind, I had already arrived upon the answer. Here is a play produced by actors, to give themselves meaty roles that would showcase them […]

Proud Poppas at the Harlem Arts Alliance

By: Tahnia Belle Continuing the spirit of Father’s Day, The Proud Poppas Photo Project, showcased by the Harlem Arts Alliance opened on June 24th and will be an ongoing public exhibit through September 9th, 2011. The photo essay project features images of proud fathers and their children accompanied by their reflections and thoughts on fatherhood. […]

Mario Fratti’s Quartet: Symmetry and Equality in Four Movements

The walls of Mario Fratti’s apartment on West 55th St. are padded with the kind of well worn antiques, posters, and mementos that have witnessed a life in the theater. His living room window looks into the window that Tennessee Williams used to sit at in the mornings and write. They would wave to each […]

El Gato Teatro Makes Her Home in Harlem

El Gato Teatro, a dance theater collective led by Harlem resident, Gabriella Barnstone premiered its latest work Nuevo Laredo at Dixon Place last week. El Gato Teatro fuses dance, theater, text, music, and sheer entertainment to create powerful works of art and magic. The production features stunning mask work, sharp design, and a sound track […]

Segregated Sound at the Museum of the City of New York

By Gigi LaBelle Last Friday the Museum of the City of New York (MCNY) held a public forum on the topic of race relations and music titled, “Segregated Sound? African American Music and American Popular Song.” MCNY has been a premier destination of all things art, culture, and history, regarding both past and present NYC.  […]

Spirit of Community at Dwyer

The spirit of Harlem is Resounding, Magnetic, and Eternal. Spirit of Community features specially commissioned works in photography, mural, sculpture, and video chronicling the sights, sounds, colors, textures, cadences, and people of Harlem. Contemporary artists, living and working in Harlem, lend their imagination and innovation to capture the pulse and rhythm that have kept Harlem […]

An Evening of Women and Excellence in Harlem

By: Gigi LaBelle In honor of Women’s History Month, Harlem’s Riverside Church Theatre hosted an Evening of Excellence with Women in the Arts.  The event highlighted the incredible journeys of world-renowned artists and entertainers such as Jawole Willa Jo Zollar (founder of Urban Bush Women), Carol Maillard (co-founder of Sweet Honey in the Rock), Ntozake […]

Gertrude Jeannette can certainly hack it

If you know Ms. J. (as she is affectionately called by her beloved H.A.D.L.E.Y Players) then you know she most certainly can hack it. If you are like most, your first encounter with Ms. J. was very much like the one she describes in  New York Daily News article about her. She is one of […]

Sprayground and Graffiti Artist Cope2 Launch New Line of Backpacks at Atmos NYC

By Gigi LaBelle Ok 80’s babies if you grew up in NYC, do you remember riding graffiti covered subway trains?  I remember being so enamored with the bright colors and distinctive tags.  Did you ever  wonder how the artists managed to tag entire trains in paint, AND get away with it?  Back then graffiti was […]