Around this time last year, Les Ambassades (also known as Patisserie Des Ambassades) opened a second location called Ambassades Buffet above 125th Street on Lenox. Perhaps there was not enough business to sustain them, or perhaps they wanted to shift with the changing tide.  Perhaps it was the B letter grade they received at their last DOH inspections. Whatever the case my be, the owners have decided to discard with the buffet portion of the eatery and replace it with a bar and restaurant. Considering the fact that Red Rooster and Chez Lucienne dominate the east side of the street, and newcomers Lenox Social and Cove will be on the west, it makes sense that Ambassades should follow the trend.

Do you think this is a good business move on their part?

341 Lenox Ave at 127th Street



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One reply on “Les Ambassades opens a Bar & Restaurant”

  1. I think it’s a smart move. You get a lot more casual foot traffic if it’s a bar. Being coined a buffet spot might discourage folks looking for a casual spot to catch a drink or two. I believe, though, that they should still keep some remnant of the buffet. The buffet concept has always had a soft spot in Harlem eateries. You can see it with Manna’s and Jacob’s Restaurant. The smartest thing would be to follow what Spoonbread does. Have a limited buffet menu that can be rotated during the week for lunch only. It would provide a decent lunch crowd following and then transition nicely into after-work mode with happy hour drinks & pub food or a formal dinner. It covers the whole spectrum of patrons.

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