Someone recently inquired via Twitter or Facebook what’s up with Lenox Wines. Since we are often in the area, we kept a close eye on the four-year-old store which has been closed for quite a few weeks now. While passing the store on Friday, I noticed a sign in the window. Apparently, the owners are behind on their taxes and are in danger of losing their personal property on the premises unless they can come up with $7,782.68 by the end of this month. The store is fully stocked, so it seems that selling off some their inventory might help them clear their tab with the State.

The owners, who also owned the now shuttered restaurant next door, seem to have been struggling for a while. The tax notice is confirmation of what was already suspected. The website is under development, which we think it has been for a while. The social media sites were last updated last month.

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  1. This sucks! I’m almost inclined to stand on a street corner and take up a collection for them. They were supposed to be moving a block uptown and having their current space taken over by an Ace Hardware, which would have been great for the neighborhood (even though some of the little hardware cum dollar stores in the area probably would have put out of their misery). Lenox Wines really added a touch of class to the area. I’d hate for all of us to lose out over seven thousand stupid dollars.

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