The rumors swirling around the social media sites are true. Nectar wine bar is indeed closing its doors for good tomorrow night. We got the official word in our inbox late this afternoon.

Many people are sad to see Harlem’s first wine bar close after only four years. If you recall, Nectar had just scored a coveted sidewalk license last summer. The owners also introduced live entertainment and brunch over the course of the last year to help boost sales.

Unfortunately, the economic downturn and the growth of lower FBD (Frederick Douglass Blvd.) have not been kind to Nectar which was once considered the Queen Bee of the revived boulevard. So, tomorrow night Nectar will make a final toast and bid adieu to their friends and neighbors.

The good news is that its sister establishment, Harlem Vintage will stick around. Continue to support our neighborhood businesses, both new and old.

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2 replies on “Nectar Wine Bar makes its last call tonight”

  1. Too bad Nectar’s neighbors at Harriet Tubman Gardens made it so difficult for the wine bar to get it’s outdoor seating permit. Nectar certainly would have made it, if it had the license sooner. With the competition of all of the new restaurants, establishments have to do all they can to pay the rent-aren’t we supposed to be supporting small business, especially locally and minority owned? Thank God Nectar is survived by Harlem Vintage…I hope they break down the wall and expand!

  2. Never happy to see a local business go under – especially a wine establishment with live entertainment and sidewalk seating… These are always my favorite places.

    I’m a downtown and Brooklyn guy by residence – don’t make me have to move uptown to keep these places open! Support the local businesses Harlem! Let’s get the good times rolling. I don’t want to read about anymore closings like this in the future!

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