Hot Bread Kitchen is finally opening a store in Harlem

Hot Bread Kitchen has announced that with the help of the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone(UMEZ), they will be opening a bakery storefront in a 120 square foot space inside the historic La Marqueta They are seeking a creative designer to help develop a design concept for the storefront and oversee the build-out of the space.

Hot Bread Almacen will function as a cafe, a lunch counter, and an informal meeting space for customers and staff, as well as a food destination that will generate new interest in the market as a whole. The expected date of completion is April of this year (basically in two months!)

English: Looking south across East 115th Stree...

La Marqueta is a city-owned public marketplace on Park Avenue at 115th Street. Constructed in the 1930’s with the goal of formalizing the street-vending sector in East Harlem, La Marqueta was once a thriving center of multicultural commerce and independent business. Over time, La Marqueta fell onto hard times, but recently has made a comeback.

Read the RFP Hot Bread Almacen  for detailed instructions on how to apply. The deadline is Monday, February 27, 2012 at 5:00 PM.

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