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If you have been following Uptownflavor for a while, then you know we have seen many different Harlem-specific delivery services come and go.  There is Harlem to Go, Harlem Delivers, and the most recent to land on the scene is Eat Harlem.

Eat Harlem launched on Thanksgiving of this year. Deborah Umunnabuike and Vincent Choi founded the company. This is their second business venture together. Their first start-up, a Web-based fashion retailer, landed them on BusinessWeek’s best American Entrepreneurs list when they were just twenty-four years old.

“We are going after Harlemites that love eating at restaurants in the neighborhood, but may not feel like leaving their home for a sit-down meal, or are stuck working late,” Choi, said. He believes it will be an attractive service for working families and young professionals in Harlem that have the capacity to spend money on a regular basis in restaurants yet want more options for delivery. If you need more reasons, check out the five reasons they offer this service on their website.

The duo, Harlem dwellers themselves, chose the historic Uptown neighborhood to set up shop because of its population density, food diversity, and dearth of decent food delivery options. “Harlem has some of the best African, Italian, American Soul, and Dominican food in Manhattan,” notes Choi. “Unfortunately, the vast majority of restaurants do not deliver, and the few that do have limited delivery zones.”

Eat Harlem will deliver to Harlem residents from virtually any local food vendor—even if the restaurant doesn’t have traditional delivery services—within 45 minutes of placing the order. Unfortunately, Red Rooster is not yet on their list of vendor. Eat Harlem has partnered with a Harlem car service for the delivery side of the business, which is why they’re able to quickly deliver from nearly any restaurant in Harlem to any Harlem resident, from 110th Street to 155th Street from river to river.

The service, which operates every evening from 5pm to 11pm has recently expanded its hours. It features a website listing nearly 300 restaurants in Harlem with their menu pages and Yelp profile. Customers place their order through the site and receive an email once their order is placed with the restaurant. They receive another message when their food is on its way. Eat Harlem charges a flat $15 delivery charge, without any order minimums. Eat Harlem will be delivering on New Year’s Eve taking orders until 11:00 P.M. For more information on Eat Harlem, or to submit an order, visit or @EatHarlem on Twitter.

Have you used Eat Harlem or any of the other delivery services? What did you think?

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  1. Interesting! I lived in Harlem back in the days when only Chinese takeout and Vinnie’s on 112th Street delivered. We had to fight to get Dominos Pizza to deliver (who weren’t delivering to Black neighborhoods nationwide). Their reason was robbery. Most residents assumed there was no delivery to them anyway, being Black.

    It’s great that times change.

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