Proud Poppas at the Harlem Arts Alliance

By: Tahnia Belle

Continuing the spirit of Father’s Day, The Proud Poppas Photo Project, showcased by the Harlem Arts Alliance opened on June 24th and will be an ongoing public exhibit through September 9th, 2011. The photo essay project features images of proud fathers and their children accompanied by their reflections and thoughts on fatherhood.

The collection is the work of Tyrone Z. McCants, photographer, entrepreneur and founder of Proud Poppas United, a nonprofit organization focused on promoting and celebrating active fatherhood. A proud poppa of four, McCants in addition to running Zire Photography and Graphics, started Proud Poppas United with a vision of encouraging strong father and child relationships as a positive counter to fatherless home statistics. The photo collection is an expression of the work and mission of Proud Poppas United and is a refreshing exhibit for families.

The Proud Poppas Photo Project is free and open to the public Monday through Friday, from 1 PM to 4 PM. Prints are available for purchase to support the future work of Proud Poppas United including a video documentary, men’s health seminar, back-to-school drives, teenage father support workshops and mentoring programs.

Proud Poppas United 2nd Annual Father's Day Event, June 2011

For more information on The Proud Poppas Photo Project and the Proud Poppas United organization, visit

Harlem Arts Alliance

229 West 135th Street

New York, NY 10030


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