Sidewalk cafes on 125th Street

With all of the talk about about new sidewalk cafe licenses being issued on Frederick Douglass Boulevard (Nectar and Bier International) one of our readers sent us information about a fight for sidewalk cafes on 125th Street.  As we all know Harlem’s main corridor is busy enough as it is without the addition of sidewalk cafes, but this has been part of the 125th Street rezoning plan since 2008.  There is a map that shows the proposed areas where the cafes would be allowed.

The proposed text amendment would prohibit enclosed and unenclosed sidewalk cafes entirely throughout the Special District; would prohibit all sidewalk cafes within areas of the Special District with high pedestrian traffic and opposite predominately residential areas; and would allow small sidewalk cafes on a limited number of locations where they are appropriate, would not adversely affect pedestrian circulation, and should continue to be allowed.

As the map shows the outdoor cafes can be on streets like Lenox (Sylvia’s, Red Rooster, and Chez Lucienne have licenses) as well as streets west of Saint Nicholas or east of Lenox,excluding Park and Lexington. Applebee’s recently also received approval for a sidewalk cafe.

Are sidewalk cafes on 125th Street a good idea or a recipe for disaster? Let us know in the comments section.


10 thoughts on “Sidewalk cafes on 125th Street

  1. There would be more room for sidewalk cafes if there were fewer illegal salespeople crowding the sidewalks.

    • Bob, the Police are pretty vigilant about making sure the sidewalk vendors have licenses. This has been an ongoing issue on 125th Street.

  2. I am fairly apathetic towards the sidewalk cafes throughout the city. Listening to cars honk and watching dogs pee doesn’t improve my dining experience much. I’d be much more interested in seeing garden cafes where you could escape the congestion.

  3. Hi!

    Sidewalk cafes don’t belong on 125th ST. Ancestors, why are they still trying to do this? The corridor is too crowded. I don’t mind sidewalk cafes in Harlem at all; just not on crowded corridors. Will the sidewalk cafe of Applebee’s be on 5th?

  4. I enjoy the experience at sidewalk cafes, however, certain areas would be great to implement this but not on the blocks of the shopping areas on 125th street, not be a good look. Too much traffic.

    • Hi Shay,

      The map shows the ares where the cafes would be allowed. It excludes the most congested parts of the area (125th between St. Nicholas and Lenox, etc.)

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