Sprayground and Graffiti Artist Cope2 Launch New Line of Backpacks at Atmos NYC

By Gigi LaBelle

Ok 80’s babies if you grew up in NYC, do you remember riding graffiti covered subway trains?  I remember being so enamored with the bright colors and distinctive tags.  Did you ever  wonder how the artists managed to tag entire trains in paint, AND get away with it?  Back then graffiti was not seen as an art form by mainstream America, but then again neither was Hip-Hop. So let’s fast forward to March 31, 2011 where it is now a full-fledged art form.  I had the honor of meeting one of the most talented graffiti artists of all time, Cope2.  The Harlem sneaker shop Atmos NYC  hosted an in-store signing and party with the legendary, and world-renowned graffiti artist Cope2. He recently collaborated with Sprayground to create a new line of backpacks.

Sprayground’s Line Backpacks

Sprayground is an urban fashion brand that specializes in creating backpacks with a unique and artistic flair.  According to the creative director  DBD, “the company started out by catering to the skateboard set, and artists who needed backpacks that functioned well enough to hold key items like their spray cans, yet at the same time looked better than most of the basic backpacks that were available on the market.  These backpacks are created for people on the go, they are basic in their form and function, but also artistic because of the design elements”.  In my opinion, their signature “Hi My Name Is…” backpack is an iconic staple for street fashion conscious artists and trendy people of all ages.

The original Hello My Name Is…Sprayground Backpack

Along with their original backpack, which is still a big hit, Sprayground wanted to work with Cope2 because his work represents street culture, and is a work of art that can be worn everyday.  The collaboration represents urban culture past and present.  This is most evident on the distinctive backpack of a subway car that has been tagged up, along with the original bubble letter characters on one of the backpacks, which is a rendition of Cope2’s most personalized signature.

Artist Cope2 in full effect at Atmos NYC

Cope2 who has been tagging the mean streets of NYC since the late 1970s, has worked with Marc Ecko, ProKeds, Adidas, just to name a few, and is now sharing his creative talents with Sprayground.  His work is an inspiration for all young artists who wish to reach his level of success while remaining true to themselves.  Now people who are always on the go, and who enjoy unique and fashion forward items can wear his creations when they get a Sprayground backpack.   Get yours at Atmos NYC.

Atmos NYC
203 West 125 Street
New York, NY 10027-4408
(212) 666-2242


For more Information on Sprayground visit www.sprayground.net

Photo Credits: Gigi LaBelle


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