Revisit: The progress of Harlem’s Renny Ballroom

For quite a few years Uptownflavor has been following the progress (or lack thereof) of the old dilapidated Renaissance Ballroom that extends an entire city block along Lenox. Here is a short slideshow of photos that we have taken of the once lively dance hall. Others have also taken note of the slow progression of either renovating or demolishing the aged structure. Take a look at a few recent posts:

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Housing vs. History [Regions of Harlem]

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See our past posts about the Renissance:

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2 thoughts on “Revisit: The progress of Harlem’s Renny Ballroom

  1. I swear! If the building starts to get demolished, I’m getting inside to snatch a piece of the fresco’s that lined the upstairs balcony. And maybe–LOL–I’ll find my handbag I lost at dance there when I was a teen! Got my ass beat too, for coming in late! 🙂

    Seriously. I know years of neglect, especially roof leak, have deteriorated most of the ornate devices in the building, but I hope something can be salvaged to represent the history of this former, former, former hot spot.

    • Hi Sahara, the inside was in pretty bad shape (there are pics from a couple of years ago floating around the internet). I’m sure whatever what was of value was looted years ago during the rough times. Most of the interior has been demolished now, as Abyssinian only wants to retain the fascade of the building. That pocketbook is long gone! 🙂 Thanks for your comments.

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