Scientology in Harlem

The Church of Scientology continues to grow in Harlem. Recently I noticed a storefront on Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd. in the lower 140s had become their latest home. Back in 2007, the church purchased property on 125th Street for $10.2 million.

My memories of Scientology go beyond Tom Cruise and John Travolta. When I was a teen, the scientologists would stake out spots downtown and pass out copies of Dianetics.  I remember they actually talked a couple of my friends into sitting through their seminars. The said it was an ‘interesting’ experience.

In any event, it seems that they are making themselves just as cozy in Harlem as the Church of Latter Day Saints.  As many of the smaller churches and Catholic churches in Harlem close their doors, will the flocks turn to these newer options?

Church of Scientology in Harlem


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  1. “The Church of $cientology continues to grow in Harlem.”

    Yes, it grows like a malignant cancerous tumour as it spreads like a creeping pernicious disease everywhere it lands.

    It’s not a ‘church’ it’s a vicious, manipulative cult that should be taxed out of existence.

  2. The Church of Scientology is hardly a church or religion. Adherents are expected to pay for classes that are supposed to help them achieve a superhuman state known as “Clear” wherein they will never get sick, have flawless memory recall, and even allegedly gain IQ points. Sadly, as with most shams and con-games, these abilities have never been demonstrated or proven, despite any claims the Scientologists may make. Even when an individual attests to being Clear (as you can’t complete a course without providing a testimonial exactly like the ones they use to claim that it works), there are still al the Operating Thetan levels to go through. To reach the current highest state of “spiritual achievement” within the organization requires fees (labeled as fixed donations) in excess of $350,000 at a minimum.

    It should say volumes about the Church of Scientology that they are presently being investigated by an FBI task force, as reported in The New Yorker, for child abuse, slavery, unethical and illega work environments, and innurement. What is that last charge? Why, it is merely that the organization abuses its tax-exempt status by doing nothing with the funds not allocated to operating expenses…and instead gives it all to the head of the organization, David Miscavige.

    Conduct some research into how this organization operates, and the deeper down the rabbit hole you go, the far uglier it all becomes.

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  4. “As many of the smaller churches and Catholic churches in Harlem close their doors, will the flocks turn to these newer options?” No! the flocks will not turn to these newer options, because the older “Flocks” only know the Southern Christian Baptist ways and younger “Flocks” don’t have time for New Religions. The only people that will fine solace in these new churches are the newer inhabitants of Gentrified Harlem.

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