What’s New in Harlem

If we look at the businesses along the lower end of Frederick Douglass Blvd. we might get the impression that Harlem’s economy is booming! This year has ushered in a few new businesses to fill the empty storefronts along Harlem’s main condo thoroughfare.

Lido is a new Italian eatery that replaces the short lived Frizzante. Lido is located at 2168 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, 646-490-8575.  www.lidoharlem.com

Franz James Floral Boutique blossomed on the bustling boulevard just in time for Valentine’s Day. Their slogan is, “flowers as art.” Franz James is located at 2114 Frederick Douglass Blvd.  at 114th Street. (212)531-1400.  www.fjfloral.com

The newest resident of the boulevard is Levain Bakery. Levain has expanded their operations from the Upper West Side and opened a branch in Harlem. Levain is known for their cookies which are rumored to be big but pricey. Levain is located at 2167 Frederick Douglass Blvd. (formerly known as Tribal Spears) www.levainbakery.com


4 thoughts on “What’s New in Harlem

  1. It was a beautiful day today so walked home down Frederick Douglass & ended up buying wine at The WInery, cookies & muffins at Levain and a bouquet of gorgeous flowers at Franz James.
    What a difference a year makes!!

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