Trailblazers Honored in Harlem

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In honor of Black History Month, three trailblazers were honored in Harlem by the Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer.  The ceremony was held at Chocolat where owner, Leon Ellis, welcomed everyone to his new restaurant with a wine and hors’dourves reception.

Scott Stringer paid homage to past recipients, including Hazel Dukes of the NAACP who received an award in 2009.  He then presented awards to the 2011 honorees: Michaela Angela Davis, Howard Dodson, Jr., and Dr. Annie B. Martin.

Michaela Angela Davis is hailed as a cultural critic, image activist and writer. She began her editorial career in 1991 at Essence Magazine, where she served as the fashion editor under the tutelage of Susan L. Taylor. She has gone on to write about fashion, gender, race and culture for a host of magazines and appeared on CNN, MSNBC, and other networks as an expert and cultural critic.

Howard Dodson has been the Director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture since 1984. Under his leadership the Center’s collections have more than doubled, totaling more than 10 million items and users have grown from 40,000 to over 125,000 a year.

Dr. Annie B. Martin serves as the president of the NAACP New York Branch and is a member of the National Board of Directors. Dr. Martin shared with the audience her Civil Rights experience of going to Alabama and Georgia during the King era and having her hotel bombed. She has continued to work tirelessly in the pursuit of civil rights through her work through numerous organizations.


2 thoughts on “Trailblazers Honored in Harlem

  1. Why was Michaela angela Davis chosen for this award? She lives in Brooklyn not Manhattan. Secondly to put in her the same “trailblazing” category as Mr. Dodson of the Schomburg Institute and Dr. Martin of the NAACP belittles their accomplishments and significant contributions. What has she really done lately besides regurgitate the same topics and conversations? What qualifications does one need to have to call themselves and “image activist” or “cultural critic?” If I write on a ton of website blogs, can I officially call myself a writer too? As for Essence, was Michaela’s VOCAL opposition and staged protest to Angela Burt-Murray’s hiring of a white woman, lost on all? Because the woman (Placas) is white! Do not let the ‘fight the power’ sentiment hide the real agenda: payback for Angela firing Michaela from Essence.

    With so many deserving individuals who possess integrity to receive this award, it is a shame it was awarded so mindlessly.

    • Thanks for your comments. While I don’t want to take the shine from anyone, you do make some interesting points.

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