Rethinking Possible with Daymond John and Common at the Apollo

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The Apollo has been dubbed the place where stars are born and legends are made. So it was apropos that AT&T celebrated past history makers and future innovators by bringing a national speakers series to the world famous theater on the last Thursday of February. The series also traveled to other major metropolitan hubs like Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, DC, and Oakland, California.

Tickets for the event were available for free on a first come first serve basis and based on the turn out they must have gone fast. The seats filled up quickly to see two time Grammy award winner Common host a conversation with Daymond ‘The Shark’ John, co-founder of FUBU.

John inspired the rapt audience with the story of his road to success using the theme, ‘rethinking possible.’ He closed out by sharing his 5 rules to becoming a history maker that spells out the word SHARK:

S – Set goals not tasks. Read them every night and morning for a year.

H – Homework. You have to do your homework. Research the internet or intern somewhere.

A – Amor. Love what you do. Money is a great servant but a horrible master. Everyone’s success is doing what they love. If you don’t get the monetary reward you will get personal satisfaction.

R – Remember your brand. Put yourself in 3 or 4 words as a brand.

K – Keep trying. I have failed way more than I have succeeded. I will always fail because I will try more. Failures fuel my successes.

After the event, Uptownflavor asked John if he believes that he could achieve the same level of success he did during the ‘golden’ age of hip hop. He responded that all things are possible at all times.

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