New cafe could be coming to 125th Street

H&M Art at 17 East 125th Street is looking at the possibility of adding a ‘classy’ cafe!   “The cafe will provide art lovers a place where they can indulge themselves with arts and healthy food they love while chatting with friends,” they wrote via Twitter. “At the cafe we will serve coffee, gelato, fresh squeezed juice, snacks and healthy sandwiches,” they added.

H&M is a Harlem staple that occupies a huge store on the bustling 125th Street. There is definitely room to add a cafe that “will have an open stage, where local musicians will be able to perform and show their talents in a friendly atmosphere.

The revitalization of the eastern end of 125th has really been gaining momentum over the last year with the addition of new businesses and a new cafe would be well received since Boma closed back in 2008 and it appears that Le Meilleur du Monde might have suffered the same fate recently.

H&M Art
17 East 125th Street