67 Orange at the Manhattan Classic Cocktail

From our inbox: today we were asked by 67 Orange to get the word out about a seminar they want to facilitate at this year’s Manhattan Classic Cocktail. The MCC is one of the most important cocktail events in the city and 67 Orange Street is the only uptown cocktail bar participating.

The seminar is #62 “Harlem’s Speakeasies and the Impact on Today’s Cocktail Culture” with Karl Franz Williams

Cocktail culture both in and outside of New York City has become almost synonymous with an underground prohibition era speakeasy feel. However very little has been shared on the impact Harlem’s nightlife had on this defining time-period. At one point during the 1920s and 30s, there were over 500 speakeasies operating in Harlem. 67 Orange Street owner and lead Barman Karl Franz Williams will lead an exploration through cocktails and lore of the storied history of Harlem’s past.

The link to vote is below:


The catch is that you have to vote for four other seminars and you only get to vote once. So, show your support and cast your vote today!