AT&T offers free Wi-Fi during Harlem Week

Harlem Week this year will be digitally enhanced with AT&T* Wi-Fi access in and around the event. Following a successful briefing with Upper Manhattan business leaders, Lloyd Williams, president and CEO of the Harlem Chamber of Commerce and AT&T Northeast Region President Steve Hodges announced that AT&T will provide free Wi-Fi service for attendees at events occurring July 31-August 31, 2011, in celebration of the Harlem community’s rich economic, political, and cultural history for Harlem Week.

Harlem Week participants with smartphones, tablets and other Wi-Fi enabled devices will get access to  AT&T Wi-Fi free of charge while they experience the celebration events.

“As Harlemites, New Yorkers and national and international guests celebrate all that HARLEM WEEK has to offer, our Chamber is excited that AT&T has joined in our ongoing efforts to enhance their experience and promote technology with free Wi-Fi,” said Mr. Williams.

In addition to its Harlem Week coverage, AT&T has Wi-Fi hotzones in New York City’s Times SquareRockefeller Center and near St. Patrick’s Cathedral to supplement mobile broadband coverage in areas with consistently high traffic.

For more information, visit AT&T Wi-Fi access for a full list of AT&T Wi-Fi locations and instructions on how to connect.

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