What’s up with Mojo

On Friday night the conversation turned to former Harlem sweetheart Mojo. Last we heard Mojo had closed the kitchen and was keeping the bar and lounge area open throughout the holidays. The latest rumors are that Mojo is closed completely because of some scandalous dealing happening behind the scenes. I won’t dish the dirt until I get some confirmation, but what do you know?  What’s up with Mojo?

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7 thoughts on “What’s up with Mojo

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  2. I just to NYC Department of Health webpage and looked up Mojo Lounge. And the page quotes that inspectors have found evidence of mice or live mice present in the kitchen area. And something about vermin. You check it out for yourself. This little page made me curious. Darn, and I thought Mojo was going to be promising.

  3. I’ll dish…

    Not long ago I happened to check be checking out health department inspection reports for some Harlem restaurants and Mojo had an alarming number of violations. The kind of violations that would shudder a restaurant immediately. My guess is they couldn’t get their act together. Too bad…it was such a promising little place.

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