The UPS Store Offers Everything But Cheeseburgers

With my current passport reaching retirement age, I found myself in need of new photos so I can re-activate my jet-setting ways. So, I dropped by the UPS Store on 1-2-5 (30 East 125th) this afternoon to have the shots taken. While there, I learned a lot. Want to know what’s going on? Here you go:


  • The UPS Store takes passport photos (obviously).
  • You are not supposed to smile while having passport photos taken, which is really more difficult than one would imagine.
  • The UPS Store can notarize documents.
  • The UPS Store can deliver a pool table. Like, for real, a huge pool table.
  • The UPS Store offers mailboxes with a physical address (as opposed to the post office, which only can offer a PO number. Again, obviously.).
  • The UPS Store can call/email/text you when you have packages if you ask.
  • The UPS Store does not sell cheeseburgers.
  • The UPS Store’s printer now has a full supply of fresh ink (you can thank me for that; I waited so you don’t have to).
  • The UPS Store’s manager, Jennifer, is funny.
  • The UPS Store offers inexpensive time on their bank of computers.
  • The UPS Store can print anything. Anything, I tell you. Well, at least that’s what Jennifer told me.


Beyond all of that important intel, we discussed the holiday season and shipping deadlines, etc. And this is what I learned from that:

“Procrastinators need not fear. You can ship as late as Dec. 23 for delivery on Dec. 24,” Jennifer assured me.

“Customers are busy running from point A to point B making all the necessary preparations for the holidays,” Jennifer explained. “Whether it’s packing and shipping gifts to loved ones, shipping luggage ahead to grandma’s house, opening a mailbox to receive all those online orders, or printing the family’s holiday newsletter, we’re a one-stop shop that can handle many of our customers’ holiday logistics.”

The UPS Store’s team offers professional packing and shipping of your gifts so they arrive safe and sound. For the die-hard DIYers, the staff offers customers the following tips to pack like a pro:

  • Begin with the proper materials, including: a new cardboard box designed for shipping (no gift or moving boxes); professional-grade packaging tape (no cellophane, masking or duct tape); and packaging material like foam peanuts or bubble cushioning (no newspapers or real popcorn).
  • Include a label inside the package with both the destination and return addresses.
  • Use a shipping option, like UPS, that provides a package-tracking number.
  • Take batteries out of toys, electronics, etc. before shipping.
  • Ship wrapped gifts ahead to your destination, especially if traveling by air.

“It’s also important to use the right size box,” Jennifer said. “You want to leave at least two inches between your gifts and the walls of the box and fill the space with adequate packaging materials. Of course, if you’re in doubt, it’s always good to turn to the professionals. That’s why we’re here. Our assistance is particularly important if you’re shipping fragile or unusually shaped items.”

The UPS Store on 125th Street also offers the Pack & Ship Promise, which reimburses customers the cost of packaging materials and service as well as shipping costs in the event a center-packed item shipped via UPS is lost or damaged (subject to the lesser of actual value, replacement or repair cost).] The UPS Store is located at 30 East 125th Street, between Madison and 5th Avenues and has extended holiday hours. For additional information, visit their site or call 212.722.8204.



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  3. I love that UPS store and go there all the time. The woman who manages the store is fabulous and unfrazelled no matter how many people are in there. She’s quick & has you outta there in no time.

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