Samuelsson’s Rooster Opens Tonight. Preview Menu.

The foodie in me has been as anxious as a kid on Christmas morning every since I saw Chef Marcus Samuelsson looking at spaces inHarlem. Rumor had it that he was opening a new restaurant somewhere in the hood. One day soon thereafter, I saw him looking at the basement of my building. I doubt he would let me come down in my PJs but wouldn’t that have been awesome? My building didn’t win, so I googled. I tweeted. I asked around. I would have tapped him on his shoulder and asked him myself, but he was always in the middle of what looked like an important conversation when I saw him. Maybe that’s just how he speaks.

In any event, there is a restaurant. It is named Red Rooster and it will be opening TONIGHT (12.17.10). Located at 310 Malcolm X Blvd., the space will be womanned by Executive Chef Andrea Bergquist. Below, I have the food and beverage, respectively, menus. Brunch and lunch will be served eventually.

To learn more, visit the Red Rooster website.

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2 thoughts on “Samuelsson’s Rooster Opens Tonight. Preview Menu.

  1. dying for the real foodie deal up here. Moses has finally come to the mountain and returned with his tablets. I can’t wait to go. But until then at least I have my Harlem Delivers. They bring me lots of food diversity up here, making my life that much easier when I come home late and don’t feel like cooking. I can’t wait to eat Mr. Samuelson’s fare.

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