Black Panther Party Film Festival at Maysles

This festival is a stunning and varied showcase of films that combine archival footage of the Black Panthers from the 60’s with modern documentaries that concern the legacy of the Black Panthers and current issues such as the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal. Organized under different themes like Political Prisoners, Free Your Mind and Pass the Torch these documentary films and speakers bring into focus various aspects of Black Panther history, legacy and the continuing fight against repression.

Highlights of this festival include the Friday 8:15 screening of the film “Aoki” about Richard Aoki the Japanese- American who was placed with his family in an internment camp when he was young
and then rose to become a high-ranking official in the Black Panther Party. After the screening both directors of the movie Ben
Wang and Mike Cheng, along with the world-famous artist and former Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party Emory Douglas will be present for a panel discussion.

Then on Saturday the film “Cointelpro 101” will be screened and the legendary former professor and political firebrand Ward Churchill will join us for a q and a session. Finally we will also be screening the new film about Mumia Abu-Jamal “Justice on Trail” with the producer of the film Johanna Fernadez present after the screening. Events such as these and many more are not to be missed at the upcoming Black Panther Party Film Festival!


One thought on “Black Panther Party Film Festival at Maysles

  1. I wish that there was much more publicity when it came to events like this. I am very intrigued by African American studies, especially the Black Panther Party!! I just found out about it today, Saturday the 11th and I liveon the upper westside of Harlem! This information is very significant and necessary for people of our  and in out community to hear. If u can update me via email on upcoming events I would truly appreciate it…be blessed.. Thank u

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