Up All Night Sleeping

chasham 461 gallery is pleased to present the work of Tara Parsons, one of their studio artists, with Up All Night Sleeping.
Up All Night Sleeping is an interactive project that asks viewers to contribute their dreams to the installation, which has been presented at community art events at the Gateway on 126th street in Harlem, at the Hacia Afuera festival in East Harlem, in DUMBO Brooklyn, and on Governor’s Island.
The artist is fascinated in our collective dream life, and in creating an actual and visual record of it. Do you have recurring dreams? Do you always dream in a theme? Are you plagued with nightmares? Are you constantly swept away in daydreams?
Participants are invited to lie down in an enchanting canopy bed and dream away. The pillow will be speaking to them, coaxing out their dreams. They can then write down their dreams on streamers and attach them above the bed. The canopy becomes filled with these ribbons of words, speaking about our collective sleeping life.
Some of these dreams are serious and intense, perhaps letting people relieve a burden in an anonymous situation. Others are silly and fun, and others still are perverse. The many facets of expression allow the audience to come away with a variety of emotional responses.
Tara Parsons has taken these dreams and has translated them to charcoal drawings. Come and see other’s nighttime visions interpreted. Write down a dream of you own and the artist may choose to draw it. If you have already contributed to this project, perhaps you will see your own dream on the gallery’s walls?

This exhibit is supported through funding provided by the Harlem Arts Alliance and the National Endowment for the Arts.