Jacob’s gives back to the community on Thanksgiving

Jacob Restaurant has been blessed with a second restaurant which opened earlier this year. The owner, Rachid (AKA Jacob) will be hosting a special thank you dinner for his regular patrons and those who are in need in the community. One special family will be attending as guests of UF.  Both locations will be serving a hot and delicious Thanksgiving dinner, on the house, from 11 AM to 2 PM on Thanksgiving Day.

New Harlem eatery gives back to the community on Thanksgiving By: D. Bell/Uptownflavor A red carpet spills out across the wide sidewalk along Lenox Avenue and 129th Street. Invited guests are greeted at the door with a smile, a handshake, and often a friendly hug. The greeter is smartly dressed  in a dark suit, polished shoes, and a wide white smile. The s … Read More

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  1. Called the location, but the person who answered was not able to provide any information about when tickets will be distributed.

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