Goose Bumps & Naked Soul

Nakia Henry

Acoustic shows are hit or miss. Sometimes you get an artist whose voice reaches out, wrapping around the lyrics, caressing them slowly, delivering such a punch that you get goose bumps. Others make you wish you had stayed at home and watched Homeboys From Outer Space reruns on TV. Nakia Henry’s molasses-soaked vocals are the former. The first time I heard her sing, I actually did get goose bumps. She was performing a short set at a networking event at Pollen Nation Events and Floral. I immediately fell in love. Soon after, she celebrated the release of her CD – Remember Me – at Casa Frela Gallery. And now, making yet another trip to Harlem for a monumental event, she is doing an acoustic show at Billie’s Black to mark the anniversary of her birth. In between, she has sang at Shrine, posed nude outside of The Cotton Club for acclaimed photographer ZOOMsociety and has graced the stage at Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar several times. Nakia Henry is one to watch.

So, to recap: THIS Friday (September 17) night at Billie’s BlackNakia Henry.  “Naked Soul, But Fully Clothed.” Admission is just $10. Showtime: 8:30 PM.

Remember Me, Nakia Henry

I will be there. Come join me. Get your own good bumps.

PS – Thought you might want a sample…