Yet another new chef at Harlem’s 5 & Diamond

After a rocky start, 5 & Diamond finally parted ways with Ryan Skeen and hired David Santos in his place. The dust finally seemed to be settling as Santos and his brother made changes that met the approval of the restaurant’s diners. Then out of the blue the Santos brothers are *poof*  gone!

We have only hear good things about 5 & Diamond so we wish them well as they seek out a new star chef for their establishment.

5 & Diamond
2072 Frederick Douglass Blvd. , New York, NY 10026
nr. 112th Street


One thought on “Yet another new chef at Harlem’s 5 & Diamond

  1. Yes it’s unfortunate that that place is wrought with contraversy, they would have been better off not hiring a hot-shot in Ryan Skeen in the first place! should have taken a chance and had David as head- honco from the get-go, he was the passion and driving force that could have kept it going, his Portugese roots and culinary talent was fantastic…….but everyone wants a name and a face…a celebrity ! Lot of good that did! No loyalty!

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