Manna’s is moving and adding fried seafood

Well, it looks like it really might be happening this time. After a false start, resulting in it moving back to its original location on 8th Avenue at 125th Street, Manna is finally moving to the new location on the corner of 126th Street. A sign spotted in the window this weekend read,

“As of September 1st our 8th Avenue location will be moving half a block north to the corner of 126th and 8th reason being is that this building is scheduled to be demolished in the coming months. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you at our new location at 2353 9th Avenue at the corner of 126th Street.  As an addition we will be adding FRIED SEAFOOD to our MENU!”

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2 thoughts on “Manna’s is moving and adding fried seafood

  1. Narmer, I have the feeling that Manna’s is now trying to compete with Jacob’s which serves made to order items. They will probably come right out the frier popping hot. As if we needed yet even more fried food in Harlem. To each is own.

  2. I hope the Fried Seafood will not be served Buffet Style! Seafood should be served immediately after cooking, not from a Steam Table.

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