Seventeen Below is relocating

We just got the word that Seventeen Below is going to be relocating effective immediately. We’ve heard some interesting stories about this lounge. Feel free to share your experiences below in the comments section. Here is the letter sent out by the management today:

Dear valued customer of Seventeen Below Bistro, as we continue to evolve, we have decided to secure a new space in Harlem that will allow “Seventeen B” to accommodate our rapid growth and ever expanding clientele. We have grown far beyond our own expectations as a business and social gathering place in the heart of Harlem, and realize that our current space cannot comfortably accommodate the large numbers of customers as well as our long-term vision.

Because of the timely manner necessary to move into our new space, effective immediately, Seventeen Below is closed and will reopen in the early fall. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, however, the time away will allow us to create a superior space that will provide a magical culinary and social experience for years to come.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Please continue to check our website (, Facebook Fan Page (svntn below) and Facebook Group Page (seventeen below) for new our new location and grand opening date.

Seventeen Below Bistro Management


3 thoughts on “Seventeen Below is relocating

  1. The last paragraph of the note says that they will inform customers via their website or facebook page at a later date. I suspect that may not have a new location locked in yet. And I agree that it is confusing.

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