The best and worst smells in the Big Apple

The Daily News today reported that the best and worst smells in the Big Apple are both in Harlem – and both on 131st Street!


On the streets of Harlem, locals often find themselves slowing to a crawl so they can linger a little longer outside Dinosaur BBQ on W. 131 St.
“You can smell it from the street, it makes me pretty hungry,” said Luis Mercado, 37 . “It’s a good smell. It’s pretty smoky.”

Con Edison worker Walter Winters, 55, said the yummy scent travels. “You can smell it from down by the river — you smell sizzling meat.”


People passing by the New York City Sanitation Department‘s building on E. 131st St. and Lexington Ave. keep their
heads, and noses, down before the smell overpowers them.

“You walk past it and it smells like dying cats,” said student Krystal Grullon,
14. “It’s one of the worst-smelling places in Harlem.”

Maintenance worker Jamel Hart, 28, said he tries to ignore the smell — but can’t. “It just smells like a sewer, a dirty
smell — sewer, swamp.”


One thought on “The best and worst smells in the Big Apple

  1. The truly worst smelling place in New York is actually just a few blocks from Dinosaur BBQ: It’s the chicken killers (poultry butchers?) on Amsterdam Ave. and 127th street. Nothing like walking by on a sweltering summer day….

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