Design flavor: Harlem interior designer Sheila Bridges launches floor cloths

We spotted this über cute item on our favorite Harlem-based home decor blog, Get Togetha. Harlem’s best known interior designer, Sheila Bridges, has launched a line of floor cloths. The floor cloth above is called “Hopscotch” and would be the perfect complement to a Harlem girl’s bedroom or playroom. The cloths are multi-cultural, and “reflective of our diverse population,” according to Bridges. But get this, the pieces are custom designed to match the hair color and skin tone of the children!

The floor cloths are made of artists’ canvas, painted in latex exterior paint and sealed with a water-based varnish; they can be cleaned with a mop. Prices range from $300 for a 2-by-3-foot cloth to $1,800 for a 6-by-9-foot cloth. For information or to order your floor cloth call (212) 678-6872.