Poll: Favorite Bar in Harlem


11 thoughts on “Poll: Favorite Bar in Harlem

  1. Billies Black is THE Spot. It feels like home, yet with a laid back cool vibe. The music and entertainment there is out of this world, not to mention the crab cakes and mac n Cheese!

  2. come on pls….Billie’s Black…hands down!…I need atmosphere when i’m dining. Food is delicious,…and the Music is off the chain!!…where do they find all that talent??? Then its so intimate on top of that…ot a huge space…which is exactly what i prefer when experiencing good food and live music.

  3. Billies black is that smooth low key place one looks forward to at the end of their weemm and maybe even during the week. They hace great music and a great energy. I love Billies Black.

  4. I love Billies Black….the food is excellent, all I’m going to say is the coconut shrimp…..the cocktails delicious and I love hanging with the staff, truly one of my favorite places in the city….not to mention that they have incredible talent/live music. A true gem……

  5. Great Food & Cocktails, friendly atmosphere, welcoming staff & AMAZING live music from some of the best musicians & artists around today!

  6. Lennox Lounge is steeped in history and music.! Plus their chicken & waffles rival that of Roscoe’s in LA. You can’t talk about Harlem without talking about the richness of the Lennox Lounge.

  7. Please remember to tell us what you like about the establishment you voted for…we want to do a best of feature. Also, if you vote other, please enter the name of the establishment in the little box next to other.

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