St. Nicholas Park In Dialogue

Walking through St. Nicholas Park you might have noticed a series of mailboxes sprinkled across the park. They are part of a public art exhibit called “In Dialogue.” The exhibit is a collaborative project involving The West Harlem Art Fund, City College, and the Parks department. The exhibit will run from June 16 through July 31. The artists, Scherezade Garcia (fine arts) and Marcie Revens (photography), were invited to participate in a special MFA Studio Art Program by a panel of artists last fall.

Revens’ installation Closer: In Conversation includes a series of mailboxes positioned along the park’s pathways, where visitors are encouraged to interact with the exhibit by leaving their own stories about the park in the mailboxes. The letters will later be compiled into a ‘zine and distributed to the community.

Garcia’s exhibition of three wooden ribbons, titled Unity Ribbon, was inspired by the history and geography of St. Nicholas Park and references the “three ribbons” of Harlem (west, central and east).

All photos by D. Bell/Uptownflavor


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