Dexter Myers @ Billie’s Black

Veteran indie artist Dexter Myers doesn’t do a lot of live shows. In fact, NYC usually only gets one per year from him. He’s doing his annual outing this time at Billie’s Black (271West 119th Street). The show, which is being billed as “Dexter Myers and Friends” is Friday (May 21st) night at 8 PM. Doing a collection of songs from his five – yes, five – independently released albums, spanning his ten years in the industry, Myers will showcase the voice that has turned countless people around the world into fans.

Dexter’s shows are always packed, so if you want a seat, make your reservation now. I’ll see you there. I leave you with a clip of Dexter’s last show, doing his hit song, Superstar.


One thought on “Dexter Myers @ Billie’s Black

  1. I was at the October show!!! Dexter was sick and insane…the band was badass!!!!! Can’t wait until tomorrow!

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