A Little Levine Love

Darnell Levine

I told you so.

No, seriously, I told you so. Last Friday night Darnell Levine made the New York stop on his U.S. tour and when he took the stage at Billie’s Black, he promptly showed us why he’s gotten such national attention and why more of you should have been there. Levine is a very talented singer, opening the set with a Raphael Saadiq cover and then delving headfirst into his own catalog. The crowd was rapt with attention, taking the journey along with Levine as if he were a seasoned performer they’d grown up listening to. By the end of the show, I saw most people leaving with a copy of the CD in hand, which -honestly – was only logical. The show was fantastic and Levine has a beautiful voice. I will readily tell you my ears tend to appreciate female voices more than male. So, it takes a pretty impressive voice to reel me in. Levine did on song one.

Also, you have to appreciate this guy’s hustle. He’s funding his own 14-city tour, with a pretty strong (and of-the-minute) marketing campaign. He’s deftly incorporated Twitter into his marketing materials, with the brilliant #IAMMUSIC platform. The t-shirts he sells at his shows are fire-engine red with the #IAMMUSIC logo in cracked white lettering. They are brilliant because they work for anyone who loves music. Also, throughout his marketing materials he drops his twitter name (@darnelllevine). He’s clearly an artist embracing modern technology and going encouraging his fans to do the same. He’s forward-thinking. And, I appreciate that.

No, back to that I told you so. Levine’s show should have been packed, call-the-fire-marshall, standing-room only. He had a decent crowd, but so many people missed out on a great show. The next time I tell you you should go see a singer… just remember I have a proven track record.

Oh, and by the way, the cocktails at Billie’s Black were unquestionably on point Friday night. Just thought you might want to know.

For a free download of Darnell Levine’s #IAMMUSIC Commercial Free Radio Mixtape, click here.

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